Top 50 diabetes bloggers of 2010

I am Trying to build a list on my blog for the top 50 diabetes bloggers of 2010,and anyone is welcome to add to it as I attempt to keep the list going…
I would appreciate adding any blogger I left out in the comment section either on my blog or here.
Ronald Gregory

Oh , my mistake …I responded to your blog and the response does not show here : Fatcat Anna is my choice

Blog by Jenny Ruhl. This is the blog for the Blood Sugar 101 web site ( .

Michael Hutch @


thanks I added it

I like (Shannon) and (Keri). They are both wonderful!

Can I add my blog.
I have not been doing it long but someone might find it of use.
Hope thats ok.

Janet “Jenny” Ruhl’s BloodSugar 101 Blog

Thought that I added the link to Jenny Ruhl’s blog

@Gerriann… got it
you can also add it here
Top diabetic bloggers of 2010