First of all, I have to say that I love my pink ultra mini! It's super fab! =o)

Yesterday, after swimming, I rushed to my educational psychology class (which is ultra boring!). About 40 minutes into the class, I felt like I was going low, so I tested with my pink ultra mini (which I love... did I say that?!). I opened the vial of strips with my left hand, pricked with my right hand, put blood on the little strip and waited. 5..4..3..2..1.. 29! WHAT!?! Should I feel worse? Is this extreme hypo-unawareness? I didn't have time to figure it out... I just went to grab some juice from the vending machines. With a bg of 29, I was not even planning to pay attention to the 15/15 rule, so I just drank a bunch of juice. 15 minutes and like, thirty-something carbs later, I retested. I did everything as usual... opened the vial with my left hand, pricked with my right hand, put blood on the strip and waited. This time... 5..4..3..2..1.. 501! WHAT!?! Is that even possible? 29-501 is a BIG jump!

Then, I began to think... "Stupid meter! Why can't you have looks and smarts?!" That's when I realized it. Because my "routine" of testing involves turning the meter case sideways (so I can open the strips with my left hand), I end up turning the numbers upside down! With any regular meter, there is a clear top and bottom. But, with the ultra mini's long, thin shape, it is not THAT obvious.

So, what I thought was 29, was actually 62. What I thought was 501 was actually 105. Grrr! At least I wasn't actually experiencing those extremes. =o) Another story to add to the collection....

ACK!! Ya made my heart go in my throat!!
I’m glad you are ok.
Huggles and watch that meter!

I guess the only time it’ll be the same both ways is when you test and the result is 88…or 11…and that would suck.

That’s hilarious. I’m glad your numbers were good.