I’ve been feeling torn between my diabetes and my dream of living here in Taiwan. I blogged about it over on my website, “Amazing Grace.” If you have a moment and care to comment, just to let me know you’re out there, I’d sure appreciate it. You can read it by clicking here. Thanks for stopping by!


Wow Amylia, that was quite a post. I’ve been to Taiwan 5 or 6 times (never longer than 2 weeks) and I can relate to your comment about all the people and the language. For me personally, the loneliness (even though I’ve always got a few Americans with me and thoroughly enjoy my Taiwanese friends) sets in after being there only a short time.

And then there’s that little extra burden we all share (what’s it called again? Oh yeah, Diabetes), which can make such an adventure much more complicated.

Whatever decision you make, make it based on your own wants and needs. Don’t burden yourself with any fear of making the wrong decision. Neither staying or leaving would be a wrong decision. And a few years down the road you’ll wonder why you stressed over it so much.

Good luck


Come home! Taiwain is for the birds! Let me clip your wings for once. :slight_smile: My heart aches so much knowing we can’t see each other but once or twice a year. Let me know when you’re ready to reunite with your other half-Then we can really take the world (and diabetes) by storm! We can partner up to start an awareness and fundraising organization to find a cure! (called something related to twins and diabetes…let me think more about it!) Love you! Miss you! Remember, Taiwain is for the birds…and what do you get from birds? Lots of icky bird poop!