Traveling and time change - clock/basal rate

This isn’t quite an omnipod question, more a general question, although I am on the OmniPod. I am traveling to London on Friday afternoon. Called my physician and he said don’t change anything on your pump. That seems weird, it’s a 5 hour time change and I will be there 7 days. Do you think he meant - just change the time but not your basal rates? What does everyone here do when you have a major time change due to travel…I would think you should switch the clock and keep the rates the same. My basals are very different (range from 0.5 - 0.75) at different times of day, so this is important. I think I need to call my doctor back and ask again and clarify…just wondering what other people do. Thanks!

I think that you HAVE/NEED to change the clock only…on your PDM. I’m assuming that you did just that recently do to daylight savings time. I also use the OmniPod. I recall reading about making sure that you do exactly what you are questioning…first was noting the time change; and in this case, it’s significant!!! Second, depending upon what you’re going to be doing there…possibly same as home or vastly different, you might want to consider suspending during times of vigorous activity…it’ll alarm and remind you when you program the length of time for the suspension. I’ve done that before…leaving the settings in tact…then resuming afterwards. You’ve got to change the time…especially since there’s such a difference. Oh yes, I have a trip to California coming up shortly and was advised to change my clock to alow for the 2 hr. time difference. I, too, have a range of basal rates based upon the time of day…we all do. That’s the beauty of pump therapy!! Happy traveling.

I’d change the time and test a lot the first two days until your body syncs with that time zone. Then do the same when you get back.