Treatment for Low blood sugar

Worrying about all the sugar in the snacks we use to treat low blood sugar. Any suggestions for 15gram packaged snacks that will fit in supply kit?

BeBe, are you looking for something BEFORE you have the low, or after you are into it? I know for myself that 4 lifesaver's will start my sugars going up immediately. Those are easy to put in a plastic sandwich bag. Also, last a longer time than most snacks. I have found also, that a 15g granola bar with any kind of fruit or peanut butter works well for me, also. These I make from diabetic recipes I have found on diabetic sites, or in the store. You might consider something with carbs and protein for your low snacks as protein is one of the items we often forget to include. Alsom for a quick lift, I do carry a small can of orange pop in my bag with me....not sugar free. Half of the can gets me moving again, and also is good for the dehydration I experience when I have a low.I've also carried a small container of brown sugar (natural) with about 2 T in the container....

Our snacks for our daughter’s (8 yr) mild lows are SunRype 100% fruit strips (12 g) which are better than bars in the summer heat here in San Diego. Found at Von’s/Safeway. We also carry Level Life 15% glucose gel in case she could not eat (squirt into cheek pouch). She says they taste horrible (from Target). We use glucose tabs (4 g) a lot for lows, especially if she is exercising, or Smarties candies which are also made from glucose and allow finer control (0.4 g each). For the inevitable hunger after the low, we use bars or crackers along with insulin immediately, taking care to adjust for IOB.