Tricks and short cuts

DO you have any tricks or short cuts that makes living with Diabetes any easier?

I got a pump, makes things way easier!
I carry my cards in my tester & take that where I go instead of a wallet.
I carry syringes & my last nearly empty vial of insulin in my laptop case.
I carry a vial of glucose tabs in my laptop case.
so pump in my pocket & laptop case in hand … back to normal life again.

A good carb counting book for when you’re eating out. Nothing sucks more than a watier/waitress giving you a blank stare when you’re in the face when you’re trying to decipher the menu.

There are two answers to this question and both are infuriating:

  1. With 800 members on this forum alone, there are 8,000 tips and shortcuts to make living with diabetes easier,


  1. There are no shortcuts to make living with Diabetes easier. You have to work at it every day.

With that said:

Read a lot here and on other boards and you’ll pick up lots of interesting advice.
Never go anywhere without your blood testing kit.
Keep your kit stocked with strips and some sugar.
Keep your medicine, whether insulin or pills, handy.
Never run short on your medicine.
Don’t punish yourself over a single high number.
keep a sense of humor.
Run your disease, don’t let it run you.
make sure the people you are with every day know what to do for you if you have a severe hypo incident.
wear a medic alert bracelet.

Read a lot.


Welcome to the club,


Good call Terry. Reading is a great thing to do. Talking to people about the disease helps too. Listening to people with the disease is also a big plus. Most importantly, do what’s right for you. Something that I might do, may not be the best thing for someone else.

Thank you Leslieann~
Honey bears are a great Idea!

I try to set aside little blocks of time on specific days during the week to keep up on the “maintenance” work of diabetes.
On Friday night, I inventory all my prescription - oral meds, insulin, strips. If I need anything, I call it in to the pharmacy.
On Sat morning I run over to pick them up (only 3 blocks away) and it’s done.
On Sun night, I check to be sure I have enough glucose tabs in my purse (refill the tubes from the big jar) and that my strip supply in the meter case will get me through the seek.
On Monday night, I put the previous weeks data on SugarStats.

If you get into these little habits, it doesn’t seem like such a drag, and you are not left in a pinch.