Trouble with Liberty Medical / Orbit infusion sets?

In September we got our first batch of OrbitMicros from Liberty Medical. Don't remember exactly how it unfolded, but at some point they told me that the sets we wanted were on back order. (i think I called them to check on my order, but they could have called me. I can't remember.) When the woman checked, it turns out that just the tubing length we preferred wasn't available, and they sent out ones with longer tubing. End of problem.

In November, LM called me to see if wanted to pre-order her next batch of sets, so they'd be shipped as soon as insurance allowed. I was impressed at their efficiency and said "sure." They sent me a bill promptly - before they possibly could have billed insurance again in fact - but no sets. They didn't come and they didn't come, so I called LM this week. The woman says, "I see here you last ordered sets in September." I told her about my November phone call. She says, "Oh, I see you did pre-order for Dec. 8. Oh, but they're backordered." She said she would try to find out what the problem was and put me on hold. She came back on the line and reported, "They're experiencing higher than ususal call volumes, so I left a message." (Yes, she used those exact words!) Two days have passed, and I haven't heard anything.

Anyone else having a problem with LM?

I did not like the way Liberty Medical treated me when I first called them. They told me they would have to call me back. I then called Homelink. I place my order and already received the order before Liberty Medical ever called back. I now use Homelink and I love them. They are oh so nice. I get my items shipped to me and on my door step in 48-72 hours. They will let me know how many packages to look for and from whom the packages are coming from. I did have a problem one time and they called me back to apologize for the inconvienice. I laughed because I had already received the package the day before the call.

I do know that I have been having problems getting a hold of company that makes Orbit Micros. It has taken me over a week to get someone to call me back from technical support. I finally had to call the operator and let her know that I had not received a call back and I wanted to know the reason for the phone call not being returned. It still took 3 days to get a call from the company.

You might want to try a different infusion set or a different Medical Supply company. May I suggest the Cleo 90s.

I quit ording from Liberyt years ago. At that time the only thing they had in stock was the bs strips but they gave me the same run-a-round on those and I NEEDED to check my bs to see how much insulin I needed and they never came so I went to my dr and got 2 or 3 (or more) bs machines, I also bought some too and when the time came again to order them I just changed companys. Better for me I didn't have to stress as much for 3 months.

Liberty apparently has a staff assigned to call people and try to get them to order early. It puts money in their hands earlier than necessary. I have asked them to stop calling me but they keep doing it. I thought they did this mostly with Medicare pts but maybe not. The trick is to say NO, I don't want to order now. I tell them I will call when I am ready. I think that this next year I will try to get to a manager and ask to be put on a "do not call" list. I have tried it with the callers but no luck. I am happy with their service though. I get my big box (1/3 full) within two days after putting in the order.

I did call back, and the hold up, just like last time, was the lack of availablity of the desired tube length. I went ahead and placed my order because 1) we need the dang things NOW and 2) I'm not sure we're going to be able to continue using this brand anyway. She has clearly developed an allergy to the adhesive. It leaves a red circle that lasts for days and itches like crazy at first. We like the sets otherwise, so we're trying some barrier products before we give up.

I only placed one order from Liberty and that was enough. I have to get my pump insulin thru a DME supplier and one of the local pharmacies does that for me. They wanted me to get other supplies thru them and they set up an account with ICU Medical so they can get the Orbits for me.

I had to get cartridges and called Liberty – it took them 3 weeks and they screwed up the order. I told them that I changed it every other day and they sent me for 3 days. They called and said they would need to send my doctor different paperwork to get a different amount. I asked why they did not do that in the first place when they knew what I needed. Right before that happened, I had also called them to order my Dexcom sensors. After they screwed up the pump cartridges, I called to check on those and they tried to tell me they sent my doctor the paperwork & he never sent it back. My doctor’s nurse said they never got it. I heard that is a common thing with Liberty. I then called another company to order them. A couple days later, which was 2 weeks after I placed the order, Liberty called and said my insurance doesn’t cover them. I know that isn’t true because I have been using one since April and the other company sent me my sensors.

They sent me some form I had to sign to send supplies back and they never got it. They said they would send another one – they sent about 5 of them. I mailed that back & they called the other day looking for it. I think they are nuts!

I would call your insurance company and tell them about the problems you are having with Liberty Medical and see if you can not pick and choose the DME Supplier. I had to do this and this is how I got Homelink on the preferred list for my insurance company.

I do not call the doctor if I need something, Homelink does all of the work for me. I too have to change my infusion sets every 2 days. My last order of supplies I had 5 different boxes of infusion sets that I ordered. I either ordered different colors, different lengths, different styles or even different companies and I had no problems at all. My supplies did not even come from the same companies and I had no problems what so ever. Homelink let me know approximately how long it would take for my supplies to get to my house. I had all of my supplies on my doorstep in 2 days.