Trulicity expensive medicine

Been on this Medication for 6 Months now. I will have to go back to Metformin and Glipizide for the remainder of the year. ( In the Donut Hole). However it does work and I got rid of the side effects of Metformin, diarrhea ect. A 90 day supply now costs me $2200. How do they expect people to pay that?

I take Met and Glipizide. This year I started Onglyza. That was subject to a 570 deductible but after that I get it free and it has worked well.

I thought I had those same side effects but just alot more fiber per day cured that. And fermented items.

Unfortunately the system is corrupt. There is no reason for Medicare to not negotiate better pricing for medications and having a donut whole is absurd. You may find that other, older GLP-1 medications (like Trulicity) work just as well but may be cheaper.