Tslim Incomplete Bolus

On my Tslim I am getting Incomplete Bolus Alerts. When entering a bolus request I go all the way through to “Deliver” and then later I will get the alert. I have been paying close attention to be sure I get to and complete the deliver request. Anyone else having this problem or a solution?

Thanks for your help.

The t:slim will give you an incomplete Bolus alert if you are anywhere within the Bolus menu and then do not complete a Bolus or back out of the Bolus menu to the home screen.

A couple of ways that can happen. With my previous pumps I would sometimes go into the Bolus menu by putting in my current BG to see if a correction Bolus was recommended. If it wasn’t, then I didn’t do anything. If I do that with t:slim, I need to back of the Bolus menu or press the T button on the right of the screen to go back to the home menu. Otherwise I get the incomplete Bolus error.

If you put your pump into your pocket or just handle it without turning off the screen, you may also bump the Bolus button and don’t necessarily know it. That will also end up in an incomplete Bolus alert.

Or if you program a Bolus and then get distracted and don’t complete the process, you’ll get that alert. In this case it might be a good thing because you’d didn’t complete your meal or correction Bolus. That might trigger me to check my Bolus history to see whether or not I really did get my meal Bolus.

I rarely have incomplete Bolus alerts anymore by being aware of the things I did to trigger them. But I still see it once in a while.

I don’t know whether this answers your question and BTW I don’t know why my spell check keeps capitalizing Bolus. But at least it’s not changing it to “blouse”…


Laddie has made some good suggestions. My follow up suggestion would be to go the the complete pump log (under Options -> Pump History -> Complete) and look carefully through them to see if you can tease out any more details.

In particular, are those incomplete bolus alerts always associated with real bonuses that you requested or are they possibly “accidental” requests? Does it happen for both “normal” and Extended bolus requests? Are there any other alerts or warnings that are showing up that may be related?

Finally, what “flavor” Tslim do you have. (Mine is a Tslim X2 with Dexcom G5 integration and I don’t seem to see incomplete bolus alerts except for things that I may have triggered).

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It’s all about a graceful exit. I almost never get spurious “incomplete” alerts since making my home screen my last stop before turning the display off. My pump has trained me.

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