T-Slim people - when no bolus is needed

Since I use different meters (I have the kitchen meter, the dance bag meter, the gym bag meter and the “go” bag meter) I enter every bg reading into my T-Slim. Often, there is no requitrement for a bolus (I( will also enter just bg’s , without plans for eating). I keep getting reminded that I didn’t finish the bolus. I enter the bg, I get the message that there is no bolus, I tap close and that should be it - yes?

I am glad to see that just the bg entries are in the bg histpry so that’s cool.

Hi Artwoman,

You need to tap back in the bolus screen after you enter the bg or it will keep thinking you have an incomplete bolus and alert you with those two nagging beeps. Another thing I do after doing anything is to close the entire screen out with the top T button. At times I have put my pump back in my spibelt and screen “buttons” have been touched in the process opening various parts of the menu, so I try to make sure I do that first.

I agree, I like that everything is in the history so I can check if I need to see something.

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This is a design issue, really. It’s not intuitive that you have to back out like @meee pointed out. I prefer the “T-button” approach. But I’m hoping that in their software update that is coming this issue will be resolved. FINGERS CROSSED!

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I see you posted that link already… that would be great if they get rid of having to do that.