Tslim x2 - where is it in the product lifecycle

Looking at wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tandem_Diabetes_Care, the tslim x2 came out in 2016. Is it nearing the end of the lifecycle? If so, is it imminent that a new one will come out soon. I’m trying to gauge whether I should wait for the new one to come out?

They have one in the pipeline called t:sport. It could be released late this year, but I wouldn’t expect to see it until 2021. It will be half the size of the X2 because it has no screen. It will be controlled entirely from either your mobile phone or a pda, but the pump itself still has “brains”, so you don’t have to have that controlling device on you all the time. There will be a bolus button on it for bolusing without that device. I assume it will work exactly like the quick bolue feature of the X2 works, which I love and deliver most of my boluses that way anyhow.

They’re not doing away with the X2, though, just adding the t:sport to their lineup, while continuing to support the X2 and provide updates. I think it’s mostly to be a product that can compete with Omnipod. They’re describing it as a "patch pump"It’s. It’s not entirely tubeless, though. It will use at least a 4-inch tube and can be mounted directly to the skin with adhesive, but still disconnected and removed, leaving the infusion set in place. Admittedly, that sounds a little weird to me, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s genius. There’s not a lot of info available yet, really. A few of us have been trolling for all the details we can find, mainly from information they provide to their investors.

A potential down-side is that the reservoir is only supposed to be 200 units, instead of the X2s 300 units.

Your original question, though, is the amazing thing about the ability to have software updates. It makes it much more difficult to no longer be the cutting edge of diabetic technology, and eliminates that woe of being stuck for 4 or 5 years with outdated technology They even added extra hardware to X2 that’s not used yet, so they can grow into it, like the newly-discovered spare Bluetooth radio we haven’t known existed until we started hearing news that the X2 will soon talk to our phones.


Thank you for that, that was very helpful.

I talked and he told me, not allowed to disclose, that there are two updates coming this year to the pump and that the G7 sensor, size of a quarter, would be out middle of 2021 if not a little sooner. Do not know if this sales talk or correct.