TU DIABETES inpact on me! :)


The things I have learned for TU DIABETES so far…

Honestly, at the very beginning of this project, I was a bit hesitant
to encourage Manuel to work even more than he already does… The reason: sometimes
it just gets hard for us to have some healtly balance in our lives. We
simply run out of time, at the end of the day, we end up giving up
important things for ourselves: like exercising, relax, or have some
quality time as a family. However, in the last few days, I have
realized many things, more importantly, that since Manuel was
diagnosted I have been afraid:

Afraid of not doing the right thing in an emergency.

Afraid of not being a strong steady support for my husband all the time.

Afraid of not noticing a low episode. Afraid of getting mad unfairly.

Afraid of not being absolutely on top of our diet.

Especially afraid of my son developing diabetes, he is 3 years now.

Afraid of not doing ALL in my power to prevent anything like that to happen.

I know, it makes no sense to be afraid… I don’t even think or talk
about this… I believe, you just have to do your best, and never stop
trying. Now I see communication is actually a great therapy for fear…

Sometimes things in life evolve in unexpected ways. Just reading the
forums, being connected with others sharing your (or your loved ones)
situation, makes you particularly aware not only that you are not alone
and that you are in charge, and more importantly, and that there are so
many extraordinary people managing or not to keep up… it has been a
learning experience and I am looking forward for more,



It makes perfect sense to be afraid. Aren’t we all afraid of something? I would imagine that for Manuel, creating this site is therapeutic. I’ve had diabetes for 31 years and until I discovered the on-line community recently, I felt completely alone. There is a great comfort in knowing that others experience the fears, frustrations and hassles of daily life with diabetes. We move forward in spite of the fears knowing that there is a community which supports us.


Yes, I guess you are all right. It is healthy to talk about your fears, and most importantly to know them… maybe I just felt that it was not easy for people that is not affected by diabetes to know what I mean. So, most of the time I decided just shut up.

I feel different now, though. Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:


WOA… reading this is like… what this is all about, you know? Makes me feel like this is the best thing that we could be doing with our time, you know?

I love you, Andre!! :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: I love you!


wow. you guys are awesome. thank you for this! this is so great to read your thoughts Andreina because it makes me realize what i’m sure my partner John feels. i often feel he has the much shorter end of the stick even though he doesn’t have diabetes and i do - he is amazing and i sometimes realize - it is even more ingrained in his life than in mine.

i also think it’s very easy to be caught up in what we do to build communities - it is so therapeutic (right now, john isn’t here and i am supposed to be working, having just put our two girls to bed a little white ago, but i’m so caught up in reading your ohsoexcellent, amazing site) - but john shows me every day, so is just taking time to be with your one…

my last comment - it’s reassuring to me to hear about someone else’s fears about children, even though i wouldn’t wish anyone any worry - we just don’t need more worry. but, tonight our two year old asked me for more sparkling water (!?) and i have to admit, i wanted to go test her right away. since i had tested her in the last month i did resist this … but the fear is probably always there. as much as i can say “tools are so much better today …” it will always be the case that no one would choose this.

thank you so much for making this site. i’m really blown away by it and just wrote somewhere else on the site (there are so many places i want to go), it sort of feels like home. that’s rare, and special.


I love this post. I so agree with all you said. Diabetes is scary. I remember when my son was diagnosed with it at 11 yo. I remember being so over-whelmed. They made him learn to give himself a shot, before he left the hospital. He practised on an orange, first. I remember thinking- how can you make an 11 yo give himself shots? It’s bad enough he has to deal with being diagnosed. But he actually took it better than I did- it’s amazing the strength a person can have- even a child.
I love this group for how open and honest everyone is- it definitely shows us that no matter what our feelings or thoughts are or has been- someone else has or is going through the very same. It’s nice to know we are not alone.