Tu Diabetes now has Events!

Last night we launched a couple of new features. One of them is called “Events”. With Events you can now schedule events through TuDiabetes much like you would be able to on eVite or on Meetup. Think of the possibilities!

-Chat sessions
-Support group meetings
-Milestones such as endo appointments

You can set the events as Private (doesn’t mean they are hidden from everybody, just not displayed on the main page or on the Events home) or Public and require RSVP or not.

I am very excited about this new feature: PLUS you can also invite new people into the community THROUGH inviting them to an event! :smiley:

Awesome thanks manny!


Could this be used for things like the Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day Kerri is putting together for April 14th?

This is very cool. I was going to add my birthday (coming up in a week), but not sure that counts as an official community event – no matter how old I may be getting :wink:

Thanks, Manny!

You can certainly add birthdays and anniversaries. Nothing wrong with that. You can set them up as Private, so that they don’t appear on the main page, but they would appear on your member page, though.