TuDiabetes Turns 3!

13,632 members, 8,773 discussion topics, 373 groups, 7,890 blog posts, 28,580 photos and 1,087 videos later… TuDiabetes has turned 3!!!

March 5, 2007, we launched the community with a boatload of hope and excitement. Today, we are happy to see the TuDiabetes family has grown SO MUCH and continues to be a source of support and great information for people touched by diabetes from all over the world!

Thanks to all of you for your continued support in the past 3 years!!!

Yay!!! :)))) Thank you so much for launching it. :slight_smile: One of the best things about having Diabetes is TuD… Definitely, TuD! :slight_smile:

Happy Anniversary

Happy Birthday TuD! =))

Happy Birthday TuDiabetes!!!

Happy anniversary tudiabetes! I just found you and am glad this site is here for us. I’m so glad to have the support of others

Happy BD !!
…a CDA volunteer on Vancouver Island, Canada , helped me getting a power point presentation together and without me asking her to do this , the lady added the TuDiabetes logo at the end …I was so pleased to see this . At least another 85 people know about TU , while the presentation was delivered on Sat. March 6 .And for them a chance to pick up a TU post card as well .

Happy Birthday TuD!

Happy Birthday Tudiabetes!! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, it doesn’t seem like it can be 3 years ago already!

I KNOW! Crazy, huh?

Happy Birthday TuD ! I wish something like TuD was around when I was Dx’ ed 11 years ago, I could have used it then, but I do love it now…

Happy Birthday TuD! Thanks for being here!

Ahhh…we are aging like wine and cheese…LOL

Happy Birthday TuDiabetes! What a wonderful place to be a part of…Thank you!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY TUDIABETES!!! :slight_smile:

Happy Big Three to TuDiabetes! I’m proud to be a member of this community, and I’m excited to see where the next three years take us all!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday! Honored to have you in my life, what a huge difference it has made. Many Thanks.

Happy Birthday and Big Hugs and Congradulations!!! It has been the greatest web of friends and info on diabetes. I am so glad I joined. Great work Manny!!!

Happy Brithday Tudiabetes and congratulations Manny and all members for making this community such a HUGE success. I continue to hear positive feedback from this community. Simply Awesome!