Turning off tslim x2

i have a few boxes of apidra left over and i want to use it up so thinking of going back onto my medtronic pump to use it up (because tslim cant take apidra). i hate to waste insulin.

i read somewhere when i was researching the x2 pump that turning off the slim pump will malfunction the pump. i cant find it again. is this true? seems a bit strange to be so.

Here is good video.


Nope. People turn them off all the time, it’s even part of the software update process. Just plug it in to s power source and hold the button for line 30 seconds, until you see the shutting down dialog. The only problem with turning it off is that is erases all short-term memory things (insulin on board, time remaining on boluses, amount of insulin in the cartridge, etc…) and will force you to go through the fill cartridge process. None of that should matter to you, though. That’s only really an issue if you try to shut it down for a few hours.

Have you actually tried the apidra in the t:slim, though? It’s a mixed bag of chips. Some using report occlusion issues, but it works fine for others. Maybe give it a shot if you haven’t tried it yet?

I’m guessing you don’t have spare supplies built up yet, and don’t want to risk them on a setup that doesn’t work. Personally, I’d refill a used cartridge with just like a days worth of Apidra to see how it behaves. If no problems, try again with 2 days worth in a used cartridge, then 3. I don’t think the infusion sets are going bad with these blockages. It’s more like if the insulin crystalizes, it gets stuck in the connection needle, which is finer than the cannula.

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I’ve heard that some people mix humalog and Aprida and pump that in their tslim. It apparently prevents the occlusion issues, although I’ve never tried ir

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Yeah I did try apidra on the tslim and got an occlusion around the 40th hour (a bit short of 2 days). I had to end the infusion set cartridge prematurely. Knowing that it lasts around 40 hours, I could run apidra for 2 days and change it out but it’s a damn waste of insulin (and sets) because everytime I change the catridge on the tslim, i need to fill the tubing with at least 10 units (it won’t let me skip this step) - annoys the hell out of me :smiley:. And yeah I don’t haven’t built up my spare supplies yet as you mentioned yet​:sweat_smile:.

I also noticed that when an occlusion occurs on the tslim, it doesn’t add to the insulin on board the amount that it had successfully delivered. I think this is dangerous… I didn’t realise this and thought it didn’t deliver the amount so ended up overbolusing. I wonder why it doesn’t add it to the IOB.

Good to know, but I don’t think I would go so far as to mix insulin. Who knows what the effect is and its something I’m injecting into my body. Even when i switch between my novarapid and apridra, I change all the sets just in case there is some clash - but if people can mix insulin, I probably don’t have to do this step and just overly paranoid.

It actually does do exactly that. When you get an occlusion while bolusing it will tell you how much was successfully delivered and add it to IOB. It’s a pop-up message you have to clear to continue. Not sure why you noticed a problem, or why the pump couldn’t detect what had been successfully delivered.

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I think the first alarm it adds to the IOB but the subsequent alarms it doesn’t. I was trying to see whether it was a false occlusion so just resume the bolus and did it several times and after the fourth alarm I noticed a warning message that says it’s not added. I checked the IOB and it didn’t move either.

I just checked the manual and I found a small footnote in section 16.9 that confirms this behavior. After the second occlusion, it’s not added to the IOB

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Good to know. It’s not often I learn something new about the X2!

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