Two lines!

So, it's happened! Only about a month and a half after my endo said it was safe for us to start trying again, I got two blue lines!

Though it was "planned," it was still somewhat unexpected! I came down with a cold Thursday night, and started taking cold meds... then realized late Friday morning (at work) that I was supposed to start my period on Thursday. It's not so weird for me to be late once in a while, but I decided it would be safest to take a pregnancy test during lunch to see if it would be OK to keep taking cold meds. I didn't really suspect pregnancy yet, but I didn't want to accidentially pickle a baby with cold meds.

As it turned out, there was a baby to avoid pickling!



Congratulations!! :)


Congratulations :) Take care, keep us all posted.




Congratulations!! How wonderful! :slight_smile:

Congrats! Its a wild journey and well worth it! The best part about being a diabetic pregnant woman is that we gets loads of ultrasounds so you will get to see baby move and do his/her thing a whole lot. its really cool. :slight_smile: