Two month Check Up!

Sorry that I haven't been on here a lot but you all know how busy things can get. Anyway, I had my two month check up after being Diagnosed and got some great results and I just wanted to share. Since see the docotr the first time i have lost 23 pounds and am continuing to lose. My blood pressure has dropped to 114/64 and the best news of all is that since being first diagnosed and having a BS of 274 or higher I have kept my sugars down to under 130 sometimes down to the high 70's. Doctor says if i lose about another 30 pounds I could be off the meds. wish me luck and just know it is possible to manage. Through God, family and a great diet and moderate exercise it is all possible. Blessed be he who created us all in his image. With God All things are possible. Have a great day and god bless.


Very happy for you! Keep up the good work. Yey!

Wonderful news Chris! What an accomplishment… congratulations and I wish you the best =)