Two wonderful (not) so much things are in my way right now

I was supposed to go and have blood work done this week, A1C; feritin count, CBC, etc…but our hospital told me not to come because they don’t want people walking through the hospital and possibly catching the flu here. So all of those numbers are going to have to wait. I hate to say I am disappointed not to be able to know, but I can tell by my dailies that the A1C would be high — and maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t know that number now, AND that they will call when it’s healthier to come.

My second and more disturbing news is I can’t exercise. I have been riding the eliptical bike at our clinic’s gym, but they have closed the exercise room for the same reason that the hospital doesn’t want people who are well coming in…the flu. The waiting room is at the other end of the room from where the exercise room is, and you have to walk through a sea of people to get there. NOPE, no more. Now what? My numbers, my knees, my attitude were just beginning to get better, much better, and now I am stuck without exercise equipment. I do have to remember that it has to be a non-weight bearing type exercise like the bike or swimming. Right now swimming is the answer — but it does cost me 12 trips for $20…and; I try to make my ticket last a month. No extra money for another exercise room with equipment, so buck up and swim…four days a week and some walking in the house for the fifth day. Gosh I wish it were summer again and I could walk outside.

And my last concern…not listed…diabetics are in the high risk category for h1n1 vaccines, yet we haven’t heard or seen any of any shots at all. When I was at the clinic this week, they said, they are “hoping” for the beginning of December or maybe the first of the year. HUH??? The nurse and I joked that by the time the shots get to South Dakota or at least my northeastern city, it will be April, and hopefully we won’t need them or people won’t get them because they won’t believe anymore that it’s important. Joke, did I say that? It’s not a joke. Now what?

Oh, well, eat, exercise, take care of me, and remain in a healthy frame of mind.

I know it’s getting colder, but walking is a good, cheap low impact exercise. Maybe there’s an indoor mall nearby.


Terry, walking is definitely OUT. That is by far the worst on my joints, and my knees can’t take walking as a form of exercise. I know many who do walk with arthritis in their knees, but I am not one of those. Here in SouthDakota it doesn’t just get cold, it gets frigid…like below zero…and wind chills that can kill - minus 40 below, Sorry, but thanks for the idea. Swimming is the best for me, and I am looking at the university pool at 5 AM; which if that is when and where I have to go, is the best for me. AND I enjoy it and will stick with it, so I guess that’s the answer.

What about a stationary bike at home? My wife has arthritic knees and she’s able to use that. You can read or watch a movie at the same time, which I bet you can’t do while you’re swimming!


If I could I would, hehehe. I’d love to have a stationary bike at home…I’d even give up my dh’s couch for it.
First have to find one that will fit in our tiny room, and then one we can afford. But it’s on my Christmas list. With cold harsh winters in the Dakotas, how many times will I be able to get out of the house…if like last year, not too many. Besides with all the sick people around us, who wants to…next summer, I am getting a bike, probably a “granny bike” with three wheels and then I can go when and where I want to.

Just a side thought…has your wife had knee replacement surgery? They are recommending that for me in the spring, and would love to talk to both sides of the fence, those that had a great experience, and those who have not had a great experience.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Cathy, I know quite a few people that have had knee replacements, personally and professionally, while the recovery can be hard (and painful) if you work the rehab program most people are very glad they did it and feel so much better afterwards. They can do more and be free from pain.

Cathy, a healthy frame of mind may be the most important. I was born in Geddes SD and worked in ND for several years, I understand winter in those states and the dificulties of outdoor activities when its cold. Do you have any Malls near you? Here in Virginia many people go to the Malls to walk when the weather is bad. There are even clubs that meet daily for their walks.

Thinking good thoughts for you.

DAvid, as I said, walking is out. EOS on that one. My ortho doc has asked that the exercise I use is swimming and water walking. We do have quite an active walking group here at both of our tiny malls, but that’s not for me.

Do you ever get back to SD? Come in the fall or spring, as you know that’s when we are at our best.

And positivity is the only thing that gets me through both the ‘d’ and the arthur…better me than someone else.

Cathy, I hate to say this but when I was in SD and ND I was quite a bit younger and I loved winter. Now I am 67 and live in Virginia, the thought of a winter up north now makes me shiver. My wife and I have often thought of a trip back to visit some relatives that are still there. A trip that would take place some time other than winter.

Hang in there.

Boy do I hear you on that one. My son is in Austin TX and he doesn’t even want to c ome home during the winter anymore. Stay where it’s warm, and come in the summer when it’s hot and steamy.