Type 1 diabetes and vitiligo


I have a few teeny-tiny (as in, pencil-point/eraser sized) vitiligo spots. They are so small that they're hardly noticeable. I also have Addison's disease and pernicious anemia, so I don't know it they are related to diabetes, Addison's, pernicious anemia, or none/some/all.

My SIL is not diabetic, but she has pretty bad vitiligo. She avoids the sun as much as possible. She was going to get laser treatments on it for a while, but I think she may have stopped doing those.


Thanks for replying Amanda. I can definitely relate to your issue with it around your eyes as I have it like a ring around my mouth. Its hideous, although people say the can't notice it. The patches on my neck are very noticeable but my hair is quite long so hides it when its down. Will keep in touch re the creams the dermatologist gave me. I have just ordered some cover up makeup online from the States to see if that helps as normal makeup doesnt really cover it. Congrats on your new baby. I have a little 5 year old girl, unfortunately she's the only one, we've been trying IVF for a few years but not working:( Take care


Hi Amanda,

I realize this topic is very old, but if you’re still a member, I’d love to talk with you about vitiligo.


I’ve had it since I was 12
A year before my dx


Hi Marie,

I had it contained on my hips (symmetrical) for years, but they have grown in size, then about 4 years ago I got new spots (small patches under my armpits–symmetrical). No one other than my best friend (who I only told recently), family and boyfriend know. I can cover it easily with sunless tanner, and am considering skin colored tattoos, but I would like to get to the place (mentally) where I can just accept it. I live in fear of it spreading though. Did yours stay contained or spread over the time you’ve had it? Did you go years between new spots? Have you tried any of the known treatments? I am lucky in that I am so pale it’s not very noticeable, but it really messes with my self confidence.


it stayed fairly stable for most of my teens/20s, then it started spreading. it’s all over my hands, elbows, knees, ankles (joints), as well as my face, my entire forehead and all around my eyes. I try not to get too much sun, so the edges aren’t clearly defined. there are steroid creams you can try, but they had no effect on mine. there also used to be a stain that was a thin liquid, you could painstakingly apply it with a Q-tip. I used that on my hands for years. now I just wear fabulous jewelry, hehe.

as you get older, it won’t bother you as much. trust me.


Thanks, MarieB. I’m trying to keep in that frame of mind :slight_smile:


I have plus freckles. No one else claims to notice although consultant did. He pointed it a few years ago. No one has recommended creams just cover up make up.


I do not have any experience with it personally, but I have a friend who has it mildly on arms and legs.
He found that increasing vitamin D in his diet and via pill helped to stop it from spreading.
I hope this helps. Not sure you can really overdose on Vitamin D but if you decide to go this route, please talk to your doctor about it as for dosing.



Thanks gp prescribed Vit D about a month ago. Thanks again.