Type 1 FIrst Pregnancy

I’m 11 weeks pregnant, very first time! I’m in excellent control so far, been very aggressive and use CGM. My endo says to keep meals under 30 carbs and snacks under 10 carbs! I’m having such a hard time finding things to eat and am worried I’m getting WAY too few calories each day. Anyone else have to restrict carbs this much? Any ideas for how to get more calories with less carbs other than just eating a ton of eggs/cheese every day?

Some other ideas would be nuts and low sugar nut butters, olives, some Kind
Bar varieties are under 10g net carbs, a cup of popcorn, unsweetened greek
yogurt, a cup of raspberries. Maybe try looking up snacks for keto diet?

here’s some ideas

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Are you following anyone who has recently gone through a pregnancy with type 1?





To name a few. :slight_smile:

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Ginger’s book on T1 pregnancy has gotten great reviews, you can find it by clicking on that link Lorraine mentioned or here



I will definitely check these out thanks so much!!

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There will likely be a trickle effect - lead you to the many others I can’t think of off the top of my head.

I’m surprised your doctor would recommend such tight carb restrictions. I am currently 30 weeks with my first pregnancy and haven’t had a single doctor (and I have plenty of them) or dietician mention anything about restricting carbs. In my experience, the most important thing is you feeling confident in how capable you are in controlling your sugars. If you were confident before pregnancy eating more carbs, then sticking to what you know seems like the smarter approach. You will deal with a lot of changes in ratios/insulin as your hormones change, throwing a brand new diet on top of that will not help things! Is it possible your doctor is used to treating patients with gestational rather than type 1? This sounds like some GD focused advice to me.

As an anecdotal aside, my endo (on the advise of my perinatologist) has suggested I increase my carb consumption a bit because my baby is measuring on the small end (she will be small no matter what–you can’t beat genetics!). She told me at least 45 carbs per meal and 15 per snack. This is the first time in 7 months anyone has cared how many carbs I am eating though!

Good luck with everything!

Have they give you BG goals to stick to? It did seem super strict to me and it’s been hard but my sugars have been under 100 typically! My dr I think it just very conservative, he’s had lots of T1 pregnancies and just manages them very tightly, I completely trust him… but it definitely is challenging!

65 to 95 for fasting. Under 140 2 hours after meals (though 120 is ideal). But it depends on how comfortable you are with lows. I know some doctors don’t like instructing their patients to get that close to 65 if they have issues with feeling/treating lows.