Type 2 bloggers suggestions

Hi everyone,

I’m a big fan of reading blogs, do you have any favorites I should check out? I’m interested in reading about daily struggles/tips and empowerment

I’ve mostly posted here over the years. I do have a blog here which you might find interesting. Unfortunately I have not been an active blogger this last year as my life has overwhelmed me.

A great blog! I hope you manage some new entries soon, and feel less overwhelmed. I too have been thinking about the judgements people put on diagnoses, and wish everyone could be a little kinder and more compassionate to one another


I’m Pei Yan from Singapore. Have been living with T2D since 1996 (that’s 21 years this year).
I have a blog section about my pancreas journey but I don’t blog often.
Nonetheless, here’s the link: https://peiyansesarma.wordpress.com/category/my-pancreas-journey/

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