Type II help

For the last 35 years I have worked in clinical research. In 1986, I was diagnosed with Type II, from that point on, I spent most of my free time doing research on diabetes. One of the very important things I was able to find out was that how the body processes foods is critically important in people with diabetes. A balance alkaline diet is essential in maintaing a strong immune system, and overall health. I am not promoting any type of diet, supplement or medication to treat diabetes. The following is some of the informtion derived from the clinical research I was involved in.
Over 68% of people with Type II, suffer from Hypochlorhydria or Achlorhydira. Hypochlorhydria is the reduction of acid production in the gut. Achlorhydria is the complete absense of Hydrochloric acid in the gut. The primary responsibility of the stomach is the sterilization, emulsification, and conversion of the nutrients consumed. There is very little absorption in the stomach, with the exception of certain fluids, one being alcohol.
In a normal healthy person, food enters the stomach and is mixed with Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). The peralstalsis (churning of the food by the stomach muscles), combined with the HCL causes the nutrients to be broken down into small particles, into a liquid mass called chyme. When the conversion process is complete the chyme is buffered to nutralized the acid, this normally happens in the duodenum.
The most important part of this process is the additon of the chief enzymes of the gastric juices, which are the Peptic enzymes. Pepsing I and II are responsible for the converion of proteins into proteoses and peptones, which are the building blocks for the amino acids. These enzymes also convert carbohydrates into useable body sugars, not processed sugars that you find in many food products.
The Peptic enzymes are most acive in the conversion process when the stomach acid pH is at 1.0 to 3.0 pH. When there is insufficient acid in the gut the peptic enzymes become less active in the conversion process, When the pH of acid moves toward the neutral sided 5.0 pH, they are completely inactivein the conversion process. This results in raw unsterilized and unconveted protein being dumped into the duodenum and small bowel, which reduces the bodies ability to absorb all the nutrients required. Many people that are not producing sufficient HCL will be deficient in B12 and other important vitamis and minerals, because of the lack of conversion and absorption.
How does this effect people with Diabetes? The lack of conversion, and the intake of acidic food that contain processed sugar, caffein, sodas, carbohydrates, etc., stimulate the abody organs and tissue. When the cells are stimulated, they release glucose, and this creates higher levels of blood sugars. The ingestion of highly acid foods, that are prematurely dumped into the small bowell, because of the lack of sufficient HCL for the conversion process, causes the body,s cell structure to become acidic. This inhibits the release of Glycogen from the liver, and in turn prevents the body from burning fats.
All this informtion boils down to the following: If your body is not sterilizing, and converting the foods you eat properly, you Type II will progress.
The solution to the lack of sterilization and conversion, that many diabetics have, is to get a pH diagnostic test, or gastrogram. The pH test will tell the doctor and you, exactly what the condition of your digestive process is. It will also allow the doctor to determine the correct amount and type of natural medication necessary to bring the digestive process back into balance.
Since being diagnosed with Type II, and getting a pH diagnostic test, to bring my digesive process back into balance, I have been able to decrease the amount of insulin that I take, and very seldom have a problem, unless I do something foolish in my diet. If you search on the internet under pH diagnostic test or gastrogram you will find a lot of helpful information, and doctors that do the testing. A pH diagnostic test, or gastrogram is done by means of a micro-electornic pH capsule or nasal gasric tube. The pH capsule test is much easier, and does not cause the discomfort that the nasal gastric tube causes. Be careful, there is a test using litmus paper to determine the pH of the stomach or stool, it is a complete scam for determining digestive pH.