Type one female with add on adderrall

just wanting to talk w/ other diabetics w/ add- i am a mom who has had diabetes for over 20 years and am in great control- no issues- and after two babies went back on add meds- which made me loose alot of weight- not that i needed to loose any. i was at a good stable weight and have lost about 25 pounds… and my sigar is great b/c imjust not eating much… and when i do- it is very healthy and low carb- i am only giving one shot a day which is great for me.
just wanting to see is anyone else has the same isues

i Think im add. i looked at the symptoms and i fit alot of the critera. does your meds effect your moods at all thou? im scared if i get meds for it, it’ll change me as a person.

oh no- not at al- it jjust reallllly helps me get orginized and focused…i used it though college at it helps immensly- then now w/ two small boys i was really having a hard time focusing and being orginized- and i went on adderrall and i LOVE it-
only this is it leaves you w/ no appetite… so i lost a lot of weight and was fine before- but im not complaining… plus im only on one shot a day now instead of 4… so that is easier to…