My Trip to the Doctor

I went to Urgent Care this morning because I wasn’t sure my UTI had cleared up. Instead of the usual wonderful doctor I had seen in the past I got someone with a horrible bedside manner. My UA looked fine, but when I told her I was still having symptoms she said "Oh you are having frequency because you are not controlling your diabetes. Do you test your blood sugar?"
I replied that I have Type 1 Diabetes (since she didn’t bother to read my electronic record in front of her) and that I tested all the time. I added that my blood sugar had shot up last night. (hello, infection starting.)
Her response "Do you take Insulin?"
Of course not, I just reverse my Diabetes with oatmeal and bananas. Yes, I said ,I have Type 1 Diabetes.
"Well you need to do something about your diet and have tighter control."
Excuse, have we had a discussion yet about I eat, how I carb count, or what my Insulin to carb ratio might be? Have you looked at my logs, or checked my last three A1cs?
Needless to say I just shut down. So if I am getting an infection I’ll wait until I’m running a fever and my urine is full of blood and bacteria like the one I had 3 weeks ago. Sorry for the rant but I’m still pissed off.

I feel your pain… literally. Seems like I get them right after my monthy cycle. and I have very tight control. my A1C is 6.3!
dealing with a bladder issue at the moment. :frowning:

Bananas & oatmeal–lol! I’d be plenty pissed also.

They sell UTI tests at the drugstore. Save yourself a trip until something shows up on your home test and you know that you need a prescription!

I like your tags…doctors, morons… I don’t know how I would make it through this without my Doctor. A good doctor is worth their weight in Victoza!

Good Rant…too bad you thought of all that after your visit. The oatmeal and banana crack would have been quite appropriate! LOL!

I don’t think you should wait for the infection to get bad again though. Try calling and find out if the “good” doctor is in and then go again.

Great comments! I’ve been laughing while I read them. You can get UTI tests in the drugstore? I’ve never seen them. Where would I find them?

too funny. I loved it, thanks for sharing. Bananas and oatmeal…good one

I would have said exactly those words to her, with a bit added to the beginning… ‘Who the h*ll do you think you are?! Have we had a discussion yet about I eat, how I carb count, or what my Insulin to carb ratio might be? Have you looked at my logs, or checked my last three A1cs?’…and then I would have demanded to see ANY other doctor on staff at that time.

yes, you can buy them at Walgreens and walmart to. It will save you trips…

Does it hurt when you pee? I have been told that there is nothing and then 12 hrs later Bingo its back.

I took Nitrofurantoin instead of sulfa drugs and it cleared it up great. I think our bodys get used to sulfa drugs and it doesn’t do the job.

She sounds like a idiot…

I went to a community health clinic, and the Dr looked at me and said your Type 2 right, I said I was diagnosed When I was 16 and 89 lbs, and after a strep infection that got left untreated. He got big eyes and said, do you test your BS, NO DUH you fool… my gosh… YES I DO I SAID. and he said how much Insulin do you use, and I said 13 at dinner and 12 in the am, and a very low carb diet. He said ok…and that was it. Never brought it up again.
I am not sure about some DR, its as if something is missing. And one thing I don’t like is those electronic things they use, they can’t gt there eyes off it, and there we sit, he was typing so much and I was watching.
Very strange.

So vent away, I hope you get those home tests. and feel better, did you know you can get the Diet Cranberry Juice, it has 2 carbs for 8 oz. Its not the no sugar…, its the diet…it will help keep the bacteria lower in your bladder.
Take care of you, Debbie

She sounds like the south end of a horse headed north. Don’t punish your poor kidneys and bladder just because she has no idea what she’s doing. See another doctor, please. “Do you take insulin?” What a dolt.

Please don’t put it off until you’re seriously sick. In the meantime: water, water and more water.


OK, if anyone wants to know how I put an end to recurring bladder infections, message me. I swear I used to get them all the time. I haven’t had one in years. Happy to share privately.

I did stop the bladder infections for 8 months. Someone on this site suggested Vitamin C tabs and I think they helped but I got out of the habit of taking them. My symptoms come and go, hurt, burning, then better for awhile. But I swear most doctors are very ignorant when it comes to diabetes.