Looking for Onetouch Ultralink

Hi all, I'm wondering what's happened to the Onetouch link meter. I have MM pump and one link meter and I wanted to buy a second meter that links up. It seems I can't find it anywhere. Not offered in MM's store, couldn't find at Walgreens/Cvs/Walmart. What's up? Did they discontinue this meter? I received a free Contour link meter recently and love it, but the strips cost twice the price of the onetouch blue strips. I have amassed a stock pile of onetouch strips over the years and I'm very reluctant to switch to a different brand. I realize I could manually enter bg's but the link makes it so easy. Anybody know where I can buy one?

Try eBay…

I just searched onetouch ultralink and found one for sale just now.

Good luck

Due to Lifescan working with Animas, they stopped supplying Ultra Link to Medtronic. I don't plan to get rid of my Ultra Link meters (after being with Medtronic since 2004) but I'm switching to the Animas Ping insulin pump this Wednesday (YAY!). Animas has some great deals going on now. You can trade in your Medtronic pump for $700 and once Animas gets FDA approval for the Vibe (which works with the newest Dexcom system) you can upgrade for $99. If you have the Dexcom G4 system or plan to get after getting Animas pump, you will get $200. Pretty awesome deals. Animas reps told me that I can still use my Ultra Link meters as the One Touch Ping uses the same exact test strips - the Ultra Link does not "talk" to the Animas Ping but hey! having extra meters are my best friends (LOL). I have to keep a meter in my purse, night stand and in the kitchen.

Maybe you could try Craigslist? I see that there a few on eBay... type in "One Touch Ultra meter" for your search. This auction ends Wednesday... http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-Touch-Ultra-Smart-glucose-meter-with-case-Lightly-Used-/380606094410?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item589de41c4a

Good luck on your search!

Hi Sarah,
I had an issue with my Ultralink going bad and was worried that I wouldn't be able to replace it(I have 2 other One Touch meters and a ton of test strips.) While Medtronic doesn't carry that meter anymore, Lifescan is still making them. You will need to call Lifescan directly though. I made sure to let Lifescan know that if I had to switch to the new meter that communicates with my MM pump, I would have to switch prescriptions for test strips. They immediately sent me a new one to replace the one that had gone bad-free of charge.

Hope this helps!

The Canucks ( me :) ) have been using the Bayer Contour Link/MM pump for quite some time ...in other words I can't help you , however I do believe strongly in carrying more than one Glucometer around ( my second one is a Link as well )

Wow, that's so generous of you to offer, I too have accumulated quite a few strips. Thank you for your thoughtfulness though.

We don't always get the real scoop on what is happening at these companies. I have come to believe that actually OneTouch is moving to the new family of meters based on the Verio. There is a new product VerioSync that interfaces via bluetooth to iOS. The original connection to MM was through wireless and involved some level of cooperation between MM and OneTouch. I'm not really clear there will be a path that OneTouch will have to integrate with pumps as they seem to have chosen to integrate with apps on smartphones.

You can probably still buy one or get one, but it's life is probably limited.

Hey Mommy, I’m in the same boat as you. I’m trading in my mm for a ping, which arrives tomorrow x
Good luck with your switch !

I have an UltraLink meter I could send you. I have a stockpile of meters that I don't use, and I've been wondering where/how to donate them. Although tempting, I can't seem to just throw them away. If you're comfortable with a stranger sending it to you, I'd be happy to. Is there a way to message me your address? I'm new to the site, so I'm not familiar with the functionality.

Do you still have the ultra link meter I would love to purchase it from you? I can’t findo one anywhere?

searching for a onetouch ultra link everywhere! This is the machine that will communicate with my pump. Does anyone know where to get one??

What model pump do you have ? I thought some of the older MM pumps would work with both the OT ultralink and the newer Bayer Contour Next Link.
Here is link with models that work with Next Link.

I have the 530G but my insurance won’t pay for contour test strips so I have to use a one touch machine

Some people are able to get an override from their insurance companies, with help from doctors letter of necessity, for the Contour next strips, for integration with pump. Did you try that ? I liked the Contour next meter much better than one touch, and didn’t try that.

I’ll check to see if my old ultra link meter is still around somewhere and functional, and let you know. But it’s been several years.

Yes I called my insurance company and they said that there was nothing I could do, if I wanted to use the nonpreffed contour strips then I would have to pay the $125 copay for them. That would be awesome, thank you!

A few are available on ebay.