Extra One Touch Ultralink Anyone?

Thanks for your patience, I know this has been asked before, but I am searching for an extra Ultralink. Minimed is still not selling them and I really could use one to help with my son’s care!


Have you tried through LifeScan directly? They should be able to send you one without any problems.

Did Minimed not send you one free of charge to go with your pump? That’s how I got mine. I guess not or you wouldn’t be asking for one. Manny has a good suggestion. I wouldn’t know where else to check if One Touch/LifeScan can’t get you one.

I have contacted LifeScan about an extra an LifeScan says you have to call Medtronic as it is Medtronic that is giving them away not Lifescan. Medtronic says you have to buy an extra one when they start selling them.

I don’t use mine if you want it. Give me an address to mail it to. I prefer the link meter that came with my pump since the strips are free from my insurance.

I would love to have it! My address is 8662 Bloomington Court, Dublin, CA 94568. I will be happy to pay you for postage. Minimed and Lifetouch are not giving out or selling extras yet! Thanks again!

I will mail it out this weekend. Probably priority mail. Don’t worry about the postage. I can’t imagine having a child with this disease, it’s hard enough for me to manage.

Thank you so much. It is a hard disease, especially for a child. However, people like you and everyone in the diabetes community are so amazing! We never would have gotten through this last year and a half without their support. Thanks again.

Wow!!! You are awesome!!! You have just renewed my faith in humanity. That is very sweet.

The local Lifescan rep here in the Dallas has them find your local rep and see what thay can do for you.