Ultrasmart Replacement Outside US

I used my OneTouch Ultrasmart until it stopped 1 Jan 2021. It was programmed not to work after 2020, and did as it was programmed to do. I asked, and OneTouch told me the new OneTouch Verio Reveal had an app that did everything the OneTouch Ultrasmart did: track my readings, insulin, exercise, carbs, etc. and produce reports I could share with my endocrinologist, and it worked perfectly until 20 Oct. Then they checked and my phone told them I was outside of the US, so they shut down the app and the meter. I can still display my blood sugar, but cannot download the readings nor share them with my endocrinologist. They said the data are all stored on a computer in the US, and the data cannot be allowed to go outside the US, nor is any meter outside the US allowed to save data or download. I e-mailed support. “That’s right, but it’s still the best meter since low, normal, and high readings are displayed in different colours.”
My pharmacist recommended AccuCheck. AccuCheck works in the US and Germany, since they have a computer in the US and one in Germany. You can use the app if you are in the US or in Germany. Since I am not, I could install the app on my phone, but one must register before one can use the app. The registration process asked me to choose a country, and the options were “US”, “Germany” and “Other.” I picked “Other” and every time I tried to register I got “Unknown error. Please contact support.” Support asked where I was. I told them. They never replied to my e-mail, since they are not allowed to support anyone outside of the US or Germany.
So now I have two meters that will show my latest reading, but will not store old readings nor allow me to download to my computer, so the only thing I can give my endocrinologist is a paper logbook (which I have not been keeping since I thought my meter would do it).
(I also found the article on meters that says no Lifescan OneTouch is any good, since they all give more than 10% inaccurate readings; some AccuCheck models are OK, but some are not, and I’m not sure if I have a good one or a bad one, but since no support, no saving readings, no reports for endocrinologists, useless.)

You don’t say which country you are trying to operate out of so specific information may be tough to gain from other individuals on this platform that may have currently resolved your issue within your country.

You may want to look at a good meter to start with, not only the most accurate but also very inexpensive for both the meter and the strips and should be available through Amazon in your country. That would be the Contour Next One Meter. Here is a link at Amazon in the US you can start from:

You may also want to store your information on a US or Germany-based server by using a VPN service. Your data would then all appear to be coming from a valid server.

Just the first options that come to mind. Hope you soon find the perfect solution to meet your needs.


You could break out your old meter and change the date to say 1980. It might start working again.

I had an animas pump turn off from a programmed timer, same as your meter.

I changed the date and it worked again, long enough to figure out my next pump and replace it.

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I am in a small West Asian country. I tried the VPN on the AccuChek. The app installed, but then I tried to register. It had Country: US Germany Other.
I picked Other and got “Unknown Error. Please contact support.” Support did NOT help.
Then I tried a VPN, said I was in the US, and it let me register, but would not send from the meter to my phone. Somehow, it figured out I was using a VPN. I am now registered with AccuCheck but still cannot Bluetooth or manually download.
Lifescan deleted my account and blocked me and my meter from saving data or downloading data. And with my account deleted, the app only says ‘Trying to access account. Failed. Trying to access account. Failed. …’
Not clear if other brands will work in my country. Basically, Lifescan has the computer in the US and it is illegal to allow medical data on a US computer to leave the US. Don’t want any foreign spies getting Americans’ blood sugar readings. AccuCheck has a computer in the US and in Germany, so it works in both countries, but not in Other.
So I now have 3 useless meters: my old UltraSmart, my new Verio Reveal, and my new AccuChek Guide. And I am annoyed.

I tried that, but it has my current data up to 31 Dec 2020, and putting my new data in 1980, the download program doesn’t go back that far. I didn’t want to delete all my December readings, so I called Lifescan and they gave me a new meter that worked until 20 Oct of this year, when they checked and made sure no meters outside the US could work (they said it works perfectly, and displays your readings in colour to tell you if you’re high or low, it just can’t save old readings or Bluetooth or download, but you can alway use a paper logbook).

This is not true. I can’t speak to the meters and how they react as I have not downloaded from a meter in several years. I am on a Dexcom CGM and my time is split between my office in the US and my offices in China and India.
My Dexcom G6 talks to my android phone by Bluetooth and works well in all countries I work in or visit. Additionally, my Dexcom Clarity report which shows and updates my stats every 5 minutes via wifi or cellular service, is available both on my phone and on my desktop in the US office and on my Tablet which accompanies me all over the world. The data is also available for review at this same interval by my US-based endocrinologist. The only time there is a delay in updates is in an aircraft like over certain parts of Russia when the onboard wifi periodically goes out of service.

You must have been in the US when you registered your app. I guess occasional trips are allowed, and you still have a US phone with a US number. If I used a US phone (no idea how I’d get one here) the apps might figure I was in the US and let me use them.