Um.. ow?

Ok so I am new to this pod thing… I love it, well him, I call it a him.

I have been pumping for a long time but I have ALWAYS worn it on my belly. So I decided for my second pod… I am going for the back! OUCH. I haven’t hurt in a long time.

Oh well… it doesnt hurt now. I was just surprised. It definitley was a prick. Then it felt itchy. Not like a real itch, but just enough pain that it gave an itching sensation.

Still amazing though!

Ok So I posted the above a couple of hours ago. Just had to change the pod. Apparently there was an occlusion. Boo. I was excited that I had it on my back… but now its on my tummy. No pain this time… guess I will have to learn.

Have you tried the arms? I know with my past pump I used my stomach a lot. So one of the reasons I got the omnipod was cause I could use my arms for a while…It takes a little getting used to but its not bad.

I have not. I have only had the pump since friday.