Unable to reach reorder dept. at Insulet

Anyone else having a problem reaching the reorder dept. at Insulet? I have left several voice messages since Monday morning and have not received a call back. I was on hold for 20 minutes this morning and decided not to leave another message so I called product support. The woman I talked to has sent an email to the reorder dept. asking them to call me. I'm still waiting. I realize they are probably busy with the conversion, but if they can't handle the volume of calls and return voice mails in a reasonable amount of time, they should come up with a better system.

I had very long wait times last week...but eventually got through...

I was on hold for about a half hour yesterday, but finally got through. Luckily I had stuff to keep me busy while waiting for them to pick up...

I was also on hold for 20 minutes yesterday. I just called from my home phone while I was working, put the phone on speakerphone and waited while I worked.

I just gave up after 40 mins... I am going to try bright an early tomorrow, i believe they open at 8:30 eastern.

When I was going through the fiasco of calling them...it was taking about that time to get a person in the reorder department. It took even longer the day the new PDM's were released to existing customers.

I waited on hold 45 minutes yesterday before leaving a message. They called back 5 or 6 hours later.

Side note, it seems like they only have one song that plays for their hold music. It gets annoying after hearing it for the 10th time. :)

LOL yeah it does...it got old calling them everyday for a month til they gave in and sent my new PDM. You would think with technology these days...they could change it up

They are swamped. I gave up at 14m16s a week ago on Wednesday then had a very long wait time on Thursday; that call took 24m34s. I just put them on speaker and did something else. Fortunately it doesn't tie up my telephone because I can receive multiple incoming calls (though it did cost me $.4216).

John Bowler

I did finally receive a call today. I was told that they were shipping me a box today, and would ship the other two boxes the end of the month because they have a shortage of the new pods.

The woman I talked to in product support told me that they are located in south Texas, and the reorder dept. is in Mass. She told me that when I asked her if she couldn't walk over to them and talk to them about my situation. She did send them an email, and I subsequently got the call back.