Under 6.0

I just got my A1C and its 5.9!!! It’s been a rough 6 months since my Dx. I started at 10.6. I couldn’t have done it without all the info on tudiabetes. Thanks everyone! I got my New Years resolution early.

The key to a healthy A1C is:
Richard Bernstein
low carb


GREAT job!!!

I love hearing stories like yours!

Jenny has a website with a lot of detailed information about all sorts of diabetes related topics. I’ve read all of it.
thanks Jenny!!!


Congratulations, Chuck! I am so proud of you.

Well done Chuck! I hope to follow in your footsteps :slight_smile: So far my lowest is 6.1 - but I’m aiming for 5.8 and I know I wont get there til I start taking the low-carb lifestyle more seriously. You’re inspirational :slight_smile:
Congrats :slight_smile:

Hey Chuck:

Wow! Way to go! You sure must be pleased.
Happy 2008!!!

And oh, I thought your “word in the hand” was Right On. :smiley:


I am SO happy to hear this, man! GREAT job!

I noticed you updated your value on your profile page. :wink:

lucky you! my blood sugar goes up even when I think about eating carbs.
this past week my endo increased my glimepiride and lowered levemir. The results are terrible. My body needs the insulin.