Unhappy with my Minimed

It's been three months since I got my Minimed and about one month with my CGM. I am very unhappy. My A1C is a 7,which is great since I was a 10 before I started but my issues with the 723 are non stop. Last month I had several NO DELIVERY alerts, I would try to bolus a few seconds or minuets later and it would work fine. I called several times and they would give me the stupidest troubleshooting help possible. I would go back to the trainer who would try to help but eventually it just wouldnt happen again on its own. When I tried to get the mio sets replaced, 8 of them, they gave me nonsense that since I didn't save them they would only replace 4. I made 4 phone calls to the help line and no one said to save them! After complaining i got all 8 replaced. Now I get weak sensor and lost sensor and it will eventually turn off on its own. When I called the morons @ the help line for help their "help" is to push down cuz if it slips out the thickness of a coin it will turn off... WHAT?!?!?!
Yes an adult that calls themselves an expert told me this. Where am I pushing something taped down to? I was see its all the way in, there is no room for this to slip out of plus its taped in place!
Also they took my order for supplies in early Dec to now inform me now that I will not get my supplies since they no longer take GHI. I feel as this is my tipping point. Horrible customer service and too many problems, I feel beat up and tired not to mention stressed out, in the first three months. I had to get the phone number for CCS from the rep! since Medtronics hung up on me. I'm considering the Ping or omnipod, any one have any ideas??? Any kind of I'd help thanks!

Hi sorry you are having so much trouble with you MM, I've had mine now for about a month. Initially I did have some problems with No delivery as well. Here is what I found helpful and havent had anymore problems since then. I use the 6 mm Quick-Set and I do NOT use the inserter to insert mine. I manually insert. Very easy and here was the key for me. Pinch up my skin when I'm inserting, just like they say to do when giving an injection. This helps considerably with the cannula not resting up against muscle or it bending and infusion between skin layers instead of the fatty layers. I have had no more problems since then.

My CGM, I occassionally have problems with lost sensors. I USUALLY find out it is something like I've had my laptop on my lap, or my cell on speaker while Im driving resting on my lap. The signals off of those devices if TOO close to my CGM will interfer with that signal. Sometimes it just happens, when it does and if it does not eventually pick up the signal on its own, I either use the link to sensor function and select find lost sensor...sometimes the sensor just ends but my battery life is good, when that happens I go under link to sensor and select start new sensor. Those all work well for me, but the majority of the time 90% my pump will eventually (can take up to 15 min or so) but will eventually pick the sensor back up on its own once I've fixed the situation causing it.

Hope these tips help. Im sorry you've had such a rough time.

I have the MIO so i have to use my inserter. I tried the Sure-T and the feeling of the needle staying under my skin creeped me out. I too also put them in my fat I'm about 190 so i have space! As far as my CGM it happens at work. My lost sensors happen all the time usually at night when i'm trying to sleep or at work while im cooking. What frustrates me about the CGM is when I do go into the menu to link up it wont let me in. If I press act noting happens, I have to go and turn the sensor off and back on and then it will work but then I get the same alerts over and over again. I clear them but they keep coming back. I had huge problems around thanksgiving and now for xmas too.

Thanks alot its nice to know i'm not alone!

Hmm, I'm not sure about the problem as I've never used Mio sets. I use Silhouettes and have not had very many problems with them. I think they may have more sticky stuff? I have a 722 so I am not familiar w/ the 723, although I think my warranty may be up in April.

I agree that the year end situation sucks. I have problems almost every year, stuff that's delayed/ not covered/ orders are "trimmed" with no EOB from Blue Cross who I suspect are the invisible hand. Then the year rolls over and the Rx's aren't covered and that crap starts again. Perhaps some of it is my fault although it always makes me better to call BCBS and ask their customer service people when diabetes got cured and can they tell me which doctor to see to get the cure? I was looking at the "Pump Porn" in the recent issue of Diabetes Forecast and wondering if I should look into switching but I am *extremely* lazy about that stuff....

I still use my MM pump, but not the MM CGMS. I use quicksets, 6 mm. Do you use any kind of skin prep/skin tac prior to inserting your Mio's? If so, try to not use skin prep before insertion. I also had trouble with no del alarms or elevated sugars after set changes, I finally stopped using skin tac as a prep before insertion and have no longer have a problem. Also just make sure the Mio is properly connected. I did not like them because I had trouble reconnecting after a disconnect, plus I did not like Mio's inserter.
Re the MM CGMS. Has anyone suggested you try a different insertion angle? While I have switched to the Dexcom, when using the MM CGMS I had to adjust the angle to insert at closer to a 90 degree inorder to get better results. You may try that to see if it helps. And really taping it down securly. I would use two pieces of tape - side to side and up and down to hold. Also with the MM CGMS, if I rolled over on it at night I lost sensor. If I had my pump to far especially at night, I lost the sensor. If my pump was to far around my waistline, I lost the sensor. Now I do not know if the newer MM CGMS is better, but you may try making sure your pump and sensor are really close together to see if that helps.
And congrats on getting your A1C down! That is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

I am glad that you got the A1C down from 10 to 7. Medtronic did send me samples of the Mio, but I prefer the QuickSet. Ask to sample them. I have the CGM as well and it does require more attention. It does occasionally "lost sensor", but I think that's most likely a low battery problem. I get about 3 day's worth of power and recharge and continue to use the sensor for about 5 days. You might also try a product called IV3000 to hold the sensor down and that is usually covered by insurance as well. As far as "no delivery" that may be related to the cannula length. You didn't mention what length either 6mm or 9mm, but try both and maybe the problem with be solved. The company gets very busy in December, with everybody ordering before the 31st. Took three weeks to get my stuff. Don't despair, it really does take a few months to get use to the CGM.

I have a 522 and have had it for quite a few years and before 522 had a 512. I was told years ago with the 512 that sometimes radio waves interfer when bolusing...it even occurs at times with my 522. What I've done is to deduct what has been bolused and continue from there. I don't know if it happens with other pump but if radio waves truly interfer then it happens with them all...but I love pumping so I'm not giving it up.

I have an appointment with the pump rep i'll ask her for some quick sets. Thank you all!