Unresponsive tech support at Dexcom

The last two times I have called tech support at Dexcom, I have been on hold so long, I finally gave up and left my number for a callback. They say they will call back in one business day. But then they never call. Anyone else run into this?

I’ve done this option twice, and they’ve called back both times. I missed both calls, though, so ended up having to call them back and wait on hold again.

I had received some sensors that weren’t mine. I called and left a message. Two weeks later they called me back. They told me that they couldn’t take them back and that since it was their mistake I could keep them. Then a month later I got a bill from my insurance for them. I called and they said they had to be mine because I was on the autoship program. I told them I wasn’t and sent a picture of the packing slip in the box which was for someone in New York. I live in Louisiana. Their answer was…we put the wrong slip in your box.

They did finally did call,back this time, just a day later than expected. Luckily I was home.