Dexcom Support

I’m wondering if anyone has noticed a difference in Dexcom support lately?

In the past I used Dexcom’s call back option and they would call anywhere from 30 seconds to a few hours later.

Recently I used an online form to report a sensor issue. After answering all the questions they provided a confirmation code and said I’d hear from them with in 48 hours.

5 days later I got an email with the same questions. It also said if I didn’t respond in 3 days my ticket would be closed. I responded moments after getting the ticket and its been 3 more days no response.

I put in a request for a call back days ago and haven’t heard from them.

Also my I’ve been having more bad sensors the normal.


  1. Outsourcing support is a downgrade

  2. They are having trouble scaling up to meet demands?

Just curious if anyone else is having trouble. I guess I’ll need to call and just stay on hold for a however long it takes to get a replacement sensor.


I think that’s your best bet. Thats typically what I do - plug in, put the phone on speaker, and prepare to be on hold for a while. Fingers crossed for you. Let us know how it goes.

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Yes, I’ve tried the call-back option a couple of times and never got a call, so staying on the line is my strategy too. Calling early in the a.m. makes for a more tolerable hold time.

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I’ve had two failed sensors in a row since last night. They keep starting crazy high and reject any calibration, it says “calibration accepted” but two minutes later gives me an error saying to calibrate again in 15 minutes… Rinse, repeat with no data ever displayed since the first. I’ve spent all morning getting punted between support people.

When talking to one of their nurses, she said before transferring me back to tech support, "whatever you do, don’t hang up! If you choose the call back option you’ll be placed in a different que that’s hopelessly backed up. "

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Just did the same yesterday and waited over an hour.

But in past, have used this online request.

(Also has link to request patches/tape.)

I’m one of the lucky few (or the silent majority) that doesn’t have problems worth calling Dexcom about. My sensors are filled by CVS, so I dont even interact with them for reorders. To be honest, it’s been years since I’ve talked to support.

Tried the tape order request, but the submit button just spins? . Just tried again today and same thing. Ideas?

Answered my own question. This time it finally said failed. Tried again and success! Guess you just have to keep trying.

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The standard line for a while was tech support, good, customer support (orders and fulfillment) horrible. Making promises they don’t meet, telling you things about your delivery that just disappear into the aether, that stuff. Unforgiveable. Like you, I don’t run into that because I don’t order from Dexcom, I get mine through a pharmacy–the Walgreens adjacent to Joslin Clinic, which is never out of anything Dexcom related. But the much longer wait time for tech support has built up over the last year or so. At least when you do get through the support remains great, in my experience. But this business of saying they’ll do a call back when in fact they simply don’t is verging on the kind of crap their sales support is becoming notorious for. Seems like just a cheap-and-dirty way of getting people to drop off the hold line without following through on the promise.

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Curious if you were to have a sensor replaced, do you go through Walgreens or you call Dexcom? Like I said, I don’t have issues with sensors failing, but if I did, who replaces?

If one fails, Dexcom replaces it, which they’re always great about. Last time I had an issue, the guy told me they’d replace if you hit a bad spot on insertion. “If it hurts after you insert it take it out and we’ll replace it.” I’ve heard there’s a llimit, like 3 in a month, but I’ve never run into it. I did have two in a row when there was a run of problems with inserter detachment.

I had to remove one and seeking replacement has been more trouble then in the past. My sensor alarmed 10+ times overnight saying I was low and I was not. Also during the day when I eat it would stay flat lined.

After using the Dexcom a while I’ve noticed a couple patterned of ways sensors will fail or give very bad readings.

I am still very happy with Dexcom and 95% of the time it works great. Probably every 5-6 sensors I have trouble and might need a replacement. Every time I’ve had to replace one it was during the first 48 hours, past that they are very reliable.

I used to like Dexcom. Recently they had trouble understanding my insurance
benefits and gave me 3 different prices with 3 different reps for the same item on the same day. Placed order online. Received in 3 days.

I’ve currently on hold waiting for support to get a new sensor.

8 days ago I requested a call back (never got one)
9 days ago I filled out their form requesting a new sensor (No reply)

Calling into support they force me to listen to 5 minutes of pre-recorded advice about getting sensors to stay on before they even put me in the phone queue. I’m not having trouble with it staying on. Once in a while I get a sensor that just gives really bad/inaccurate readings and I need to replace it.

2 years ago the call back option was really nice. I know they let go most of their US support to help them scale up their support team (That is there story at least). I am really not happy with this experience. It’s not like I have any other resolution to get a sensor replaced.

Just venting. I emailed their customer service saying the same but no way to know if that reaches anyone that can do anything about this trend. They are probably already aware of their failings and unable to correct it.

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Dexcom customer support can be really good or really not good. More the latter in recent years. The call back option will destroy your faith in humanity and technology.

I’ve also had more sensor failures in the past year. To Dexcom’s credit, they are good at replacing them. But it’s best to reach them on the phone.

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Robyn, its possible that you are causing it to shut down because the calibration doesn’t match the sensor reading. That happens if the 2 differ by very much. I bet that you are seeing variability between the 2 reading that might be around 40%. It knows that it is off and is intentionally preventing itself from giving you false data.

My state just passed legislation that fines the insulin manufactuers because of their history of creating unmanned patient assistance phone lines. Now, if they don’t answer the phone, they get fined. This might be a precedent that we use moving forward if Dexcom’s behavior gets worse. We will have to keep an eye on them. keep 'em honest.


I did find Dexcom did post something about there support issues here:

…However, we are limited in our ability to answer live calls and wait times on the phone will be significantly longer than usual…

…We are limited in our ability to answer live calls and currently have wait times over 30 minutes. …

… Please visit for answers to many product questions, and click here to submit a web self-service ticket. We will follow up with you within 12 hours…

I can tell you their estimates are grossly off.

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I am on hold now. I was on hold almost 2 hours yesterday, Sunday, before hanging up. The “press 1 for a callback” does not work for me. I press firmly and hear the ding but nothing happens on their end. I think no one is there on weekends. Period.
It says “global technical support” for G4 to 6. I have a brand new transmitter, inserted a sensor perfectly on Fri. afternoon and it does not work. Before wasting another one, I really want to talk to Tech. I think the new transmitter could be dead, for all I know. No cgm since last Thursday night when previous one died… At 84 days, not 90.
The receiver did report that it was the sensor so I guess I will now insert the 2nd sensor but wanted them online when I did. Too bad they don’t do facetime to watch you. I hate the “are you sure you did it correctly” crap. Yes, I am sure.
Where are they??? 30 minutes now.


Were you able to enter transmitter info to receiver or confirm bluetooth connection, or did it not even pair?
If connected to receiver, there is option to show battery ok vs low.

Hope resolved by now. I waited over an hour last week, today 3 sensors showed up, was expecting one.