Dexcom Customer Support

I have been reading a number of discussions lately where people are knocking Dexcom support and wait times.

Dexcom is swamped with G4 orders (it even states that when you call). They have this great feature where you can have them give you a call back! Try it it works! They have even extended their hours to accommodate the extra volume. If they can’t get back to you the same day they send a really nice email apologizing and will call the next day.

Let’s give CS a break and try and use some of the plans they have set into place. Yes I know we want to talk to someone right when we call but Dexcom is great about getting back to you and the CS is excellent.

I hate seeing all the negatives about the wait time when you don’t need to stay on hold!

I’ll jump in to say that once I got my G4, I received an email from a Patient Care Specialist (PCS). These folks are assigned to us as additional support and help. So beyond calling their customer service hotline- ask your local territory sales rep who your PCS might be and reach out to them. (I think this is a new role) Dexcom has been tremendous with resolving all my issues so I would echo Seth’s sentiment.

They are improving. When I left my number they got back to me next day, but I had already resolved the issue.I know they are trying but sometimes it is frustrating and you think "They just don't care." Dondi

I've never had anything but great service from Dexcom. I think a lot of it has to do with the high call volume surrounding the G4. I think a lot of people don't know they can use their local reps to answer a lot of their questions, especially with set up and figuring out how to initially start the system, etc. Obviously some things have to be done through the customer service call center, but a lot of it can be handled by your local rep, too.

I love the "call back" option where they will "wait in line for you". Really helps.

I agree with Seth! Dexcom is great! They are humans like the rest of us. Let them call you back or better yet use email.

Recent Experience with Dexcom Customer Support / Reorder Dept…Just a heads up for those of you dealing with these Dexcom Departments: I am roughly 6 weeks into trying to get new CGM supplies from Dexcom. I’m in a somewhat complicated situation with a change in Medical Insurance Provider , fulfilling new deductibles, etc. However, I suspect my situation is similar to anyone else on this site who has insurance coverage for Dexcom CGM. My delay has been caused by input errors by Dexcom who incorrectly input my Medical Insurance Provider despite inputting my new ID and Group Numbers. Someway Dexcom got approval from the wrong insurance company to fulfill my supply order. Unfortunately I delayed a month because I wasn’t ready to pay my $1,000 deductible. After reordering they stated on the call that they had to recheck where I was in paying down my deductible with my insurance provider Blue Cross of NY. I stated I had no clue who they were talking about because Blue Cross of NY is not nor ever has been my provider. I asked for a supervisor and the agent said she needed to know why first. Clearly I was angry because it appeared that either Dexcom had corrupted my personal info or they were hacked or something. I regret getting angry and I’m still waiting for Dexcom to fix their mistake. It’s really my issue to deal with and heck I am learning to manage my T-1 void of CGM again…so it will fix itself eventually and I will survive. But, I did want to suggest that others dealing with a Dexcom validate everything you tell them. You can’t prevent them from inputting client info wrong, but hopefully reduce the chance of that occuring by asking them to repeat back everything you tell them. Hopefully errors by their associates is just a short term hiccup during the ramp up of G6.