Already had a call by my so called metronics sales rep, and then she said, that I should go back onto injections, oh, now she is a DR all of a sudden? And she hasnt helped me one bit, oh wait, she got me on my learning, on medtronics website. What ever that means to her, otherwise, I dont have an endo that I see, and dont have a CDE.
She ONLY called me because I complained to some lady that called me about an hour before she did, to ask why, I was in the ER twice?
They don’t care, all they care about, is there butt not getting sued.
So, I guess I will continue to mess with my numbers on my own! So Far, I think I got them pretty good! I wonder what the point of uploading to the carelink for medtronics does, if I dont have an endo? Or a CDE?
HEY, every man/women for themselves!
This is something that I just emailed a women at medtronics that called me earlier:

subject: Imedeiately after I got a call from you, within

five minutes, I got a call from the rep, that suggested that I don’t use the pump now, until later, and go back on injections. Whats the point of the pump? I am glad I kept my Animus pump, at least with that company you can order supplies at any time, not west coast time:( She also asked if I was doing, mylearning, which I have been, but it doesn’t go over the problems that someone might run into!
I am reading the books that came with the pump, re-educating myself!
What’s the point of uploading from carelink? I know you can check out so called trends, but, what else?
If I had an endo, I would believe that he/she would be able to view it?
I found a site from a magazine at my doctors office while reading a mag, it is www.tudiabetes.org
and they have been 100 times more helpful, than medtronics has been!
I am sorry I switched from Animus, to Medtronics! The only reason was because of the CGM, and having hypoglicemic unawareness!
Hope you can put yourself in my shoes and how I feel I am being treated!

Just stay happy:)

Man! This really sucks! I absolutely love Medtronics! I hate that you had such a horrible time with them. I think things would have been much easier if you had an endocrinologist, pumping is way more different than injections, there are so many changes, I think an endo would have helped you through that. Medtronic has no knowledge on helping you with your trends and adjustments. I hope you get it working though! once you get it working you’ll love it! I promise! if not, injections will never fail you! thanks you for sharing your story with us!

Why you are attempting to use a pump with out adequate training or supervision is beyond me… you don’t have the support system in place to be successful with it.

Your posts pretty much imply that you don’t know how to use the pump, you dont’ understand how to use CGM or the limitations of it… this is dangerous, and it’s not really medtronic’s fault. You’re expecting the technology to do too much for you, and that just isn’t how it works. You eluded to the fact in another post that you don’t even know how much insulin to take with MDI - pumping isn’t a magic wand, and it can’t make things up for you to do.

If you want to blame them because they shipped you a pump and supplies, sure, go for it, but what about the doctor who prescribed it for you that shouldn’t have, or you for ordering it?

Why don’t you have an endo? And how do you have a pump without an endo? Adjusting rates on the pump, getting your basal and bolus exactly right, is a trial-and-error process that requires a lot of direction and advice from both an endo and a pump trainer. I’ve had an excellent experience with Minimed. Awesome pump trainer, awesome customer service. But part of the reason I’ve had a good experience is because my pump trainer has a good relationship with my endo. I can always get questions answered.

Yuppers, I am dilegently learning more about it by reading more of the info:) I have made an appointment with an endo for next week, was going to be the end of next month, but my mother used to work in a doctors office. So she called as if she was schedualing a patient from her office:) So, Bingo I am in next week vs. a month and half, if that was the case I would be a mess!
So wish me luck, and I have been reading alot on the pump!

got an appointment next mon with an endo:)

Hmmm I am not isulin dependant but it sounds like you are haveing way more trouble than you should be.I cannot imagine how you ended up where you are without a CDE at the very least! Maybe instead of getting frustrated with the pump, consentrating on getting proper care givers would be the first priority…dontcha think??? just sayin.