Upgrading from Ping to Vibe, New Transmitter Needed?

Hi all,

So I put in for the ezAccess upgrade to get a Vibe pump. I spoke with the Animas rep back in December and got everything squared away, seemingly.

But recently, I got an email from a Dexcom sales rep that read, "This is Francisco Enriquez from Dexcom. I received your information and am working on getting you the Dexcom Vibe Transmitter. After reviewing your Insurance, we found that the best route for you to get in-network coverage will be to order through one of our third party distributors."

(I added the bold for emphasis)

I responded to him with, "Thank you for reaching out, but I'm a bit confused by your email. I was told by the Animas rep who I spoke to about upgrading to the Vibe that my current transmitter (which I use with the G4 Platinum receiver) would also work with the Vibe insulin pump. And I've also read that online. If that is in fact the case, then I wouldn't need to get a new transmitter, as my current one is working fine (and I also have a backup transmitter that I haven't even started using as well). Can you please confirm when you get a chance. Thanks"

And then he finally responded with, "The current transmitter you have is NOT FDA approve and I cannot guarantee you accurate results. Please let me know if you would like to move forward in getting the Vibe transmitter."

This is a bit frustrating, as nowhere on the Animas site or through the ezAccess upgrade process was anything mentioned about the old transmitters not working with the Vibe.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or know anything about the G4 sensors' compatibility with the Vibe?

Thanks so much in advance for your help.


I was told the same thing by a Dexcom Representative. The approved transmitter is a generation behind the one currently shipped with the G4. He is correct that the newer sensor is not FDA approved to work with the Vibe. However, I think someone in the Animas group here at Tu Diabetes posted a picture of the 2 sensors. I believe that someone on here has also used the G4 sensor with the Vibe.

Have you called Dexcom to verify that the email actually came from them? Sounds a bit odd....

The same transmitter works. We use a transmitter manufactured 4/14 with our Vibe

Nothing was said about a new transmitter

Apart from the new slimmer model G4 transmitter, there hasn't been a new transmitter released?

I got the same call from both dexcom and diabetes specialty center (who is my 3rd party distributor.) I got my new transmitter in November, so I would have to pay out if pocket. I told them no thanks, I’m happy to use my vibe as a pump without a cgm until my warrenty was up in May and would reorder then. That seemed to stop the calls…but my vibe has shipped yet and Animas seems to be very vague about it.

Yeah, I get the sense that even though the old transmitters aren't technically FDA approved with the Vibe, they should still work fine. Thanks for confirming that it works for you

According to Prisoner it should still work, so I would give it a shot if I were you

I think there has. From what Dexcom told me, there's a version of thicker G4 transmitter that's specific to the Vibe. That said, from your last post, it sounds like the non-Vibe version should still work?

I would give it a shot. I do not currently have the G4. So it sounds like I would get the thicker transmitter anyway.

Dexcom are no longer making the thicker transmitter - all production is the new thinner model. Just because the older one isn't approved for use with the Vibe because it hasn't been tested by them ( and won't be) NOT because it won't work. FDA and Dexcom are not going to move backwards - they are only going to approve the newest technology and then try to sell it to you.

I received the following response from Dexcom:

"The whole Transmitter situation simply stems from the Vibe approval taking so long with the FDA. During their FDA review process, our slimmer transmitter was approved. We discontinued the original larger transmitter, but restarted production of that transmitter for Animas patients until their approvals are updated for the slimmer transmitter."

The bottom line is that the new slimmer G4 Transmitter will more then likely work with the Vibe pump, but it can't be sold with the Vibe because it doesn't have FDA approval at this time. I am working on getting the Vibe and like a lot of you I have the Dexcom G4 System with the slimmer Transmitter and I have no plans of buying the older larger Transmitter. Hope this help.

The new slimmer transmitter definitely works with Vibe..

Thanks Prisoner I suspected that it would work with both devices after talking with a Rep from Dexcom. He told me that he couldn't tell me yea or nay, but if I had the new one not to buy the old one.


I got shipped a special transmitter that says it is specifically for the Animas pump. Diabetes Specialty Center and Dexcom both told me that the thicker transmitter is the one they are shipping to Animas customers. Not the newer one... so who knows...

Yes - it certainly should....