Urgent Reply needed

hy guys
i got new query for ya guys.Last week i had a small boil on my left soilder but it seem to dissappear automaticaly in few days.Now again i have small boil on my right soilder.Should i be worry about it?Does only sugar rise cause that or there could be some other reason for it? i check my fastin reading mostly which happen to be coming around 90-140.

It seems that your sugars are just ok. You may want to visit a physician for the possibility of an infection, though.

One more thing, blood glucose levels can rise when you have an infection. So, it may not be the high sugars that is causing the boil, it may be the boil causing the high sugars…


I agree with Jovanni, your numbers look good but you should contact your physician just incase you are getting an infection. If you are getting an infection will could make your blood sugar rise.