Skin boils

Does everyone here suffering from skin boils due to high blood sugar? I suffered a lot since i had been diagnosed.

Hi Michelle:

I’ve had my share of high sugars but I haven’t had any boils yet thankfully. One of my Type 2 Friends has had them a few times however. Different Doctors have different remedies. Some say just leave them alone, some say just put dry gauze on them and others say put an ointment antibiotic on them and drainage. My Friend used the last choice and it seemed to work well for him at the time. Sorry I don’t recall the name of it. Your Dr. of course, should know what you could try.

I had them just before i started on MDIs. In fact, they were probably responsible for my current diagnosis. I was doing just fine as what i though was a Type II, orals and Lantus, but not checking my BGs as they had been fine for several years. I stared getting a few boils on the backside, enough that i went to see the doctor. He put me on an antifungal and we did some bloodwork. A1C came back at 12.7 after beeing in the low 6’s for years. That started a 1-year journey where i ended up on a pump with a diagnosis of LADA, or type 1.5. My A1Cs are under 7 and I’m been pumping for about 6 months. It seems that fungus’ love sugar and my converstion to type I (I was honeymooning) sent my BGs flying high and i wasn’t checking. My bad!

I have had these in the past, and had no idea they were related to high BG’s!
It makes sense now, since when I last had them, I wasn’t testing as much and my a1c’s were all over the place. I won’t even go into where I had them…let’s just say they were in the WORST possible place.

Ah, the good old days of being on NPH…not!!!

Dear David.

You and I are precisely the reason why orals are bad. I think in hindsight that all diabetics should be on a pump or if too expensive a fast acting insulin for meals and corrections and a slow acting insulin to prevent the pancreas from kicking the bucket if possible. I am surprise that you are such a brave person to be on orals and lantus and not check your BG at least twice a day.

Well, yes. I went undiagnosed for a long, long time, and with a high A1C of 10.5%. One of the really bad symptoms I had… about 8 months before my diagnosis (and I am sure I was quite high at the time, looking back on it)… was a very, very horrible abscess (a major boil under the layers of skin) just below my right buttock. I didn’t even notice it, right away, until it got to like the size of a football, and I couldn’t walk! I had to go to the ER, and have it cut open, and drained. It was… by far… the MOST painful thing I have ever endured. Ever. They had to give me a LOT of morphine, antibiotics that I had to eat a boatload with, or they would make me puke, and hydrocodone. I had to stay, laid up on a towel… for about a week… :confused: Worst. Experience. Ever.

Only one Liz Really? I’ve had those high bs all summer that ran into boils all summer.They hurt like hell and I’ve always had to go to the ER for treatment for them. Mine swell so big and hurt so bad (also come up in some very tender places) I have been put on pain meds but I allergic to almost all of them so I didn’t take them To me the pain was better than throwing up my butt for hours. ALWAYS THE ANTIBIODOC after they busted them

Well… I had some other ones… but I lanced them myself, before they got enormous. Always, usually in the pelvic area, some place… or under my arm pits.

The pelvic area. That’;s where all mine come up. Yeah I lanced quite a few myself but some of the other’s needed a Dr supervision.

I got boils on my pelivc areas and armpits way back after I was first diagnosed in 1968. This was in urine test-tape, no home glucometer days, so I was probably high a LOT… I hated having the boils, so I took it on myself as a 14 year old girl to try to stay on the old exchange diet (I never changed the amount of NPH I took,regardless of what I ate. That was the treatment regimen then)and exercised more. I remember when one in my pelvic area was lanced, that gross pus shot out of me like a geyser and hit the wall of the doctor’s office. Have not had a boil since…Hope you can get some releif, Michelle.

God Bless,


Yes, had them very bad on my back when my Mom was dying and died…stress and high BS. Had a few recently due to stress…hate them, I scar so easily…looks awful.


Michelle De Guzman! I just want to give you a big hug for coming back. I think this is nearly a record, four years you have been gone.

Sadly, I think that high blood sugars feed infections, whether it be boils or gum disease. I do hope you have gotten your blood sugars better controlled and gotten rid of those boils. Please stick around a bit, we do want to see you more frequently than every four years. :)

My situation is like Bruetta's. I had them a lot in college when I was more interested in other things than controlling my diabetes....

I've had several, but my BGs aren't so high...maybe I just have a crappy immune system.

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