USAT triathlon team for athletes with diabetes--Triabetes

hey all,
Triabetes is recruiting members for its triathlon team, now an officially recognized USAT (USA Triathlon Assoc) club. A group of 12 type 1 athletes trained and raced in Ironman Wisconsin 2008. This year, 15 team captains, located throughout the US, are training for Ironman Arizona in November. Some are experienced triathletes while, for others, triathlon is a new endeavor.

The club is now open to members of all abilities, interested in races from sprints to Ironman-distance and beyond! (yes there is actually a “beyond Ironman” category…) So don’t be intimidated if you think you can’t swim well enough, haven’t ridden a bike since you were 12, or just don’t think of yourself as a runner.

We have good support building throughout the country, including a race director in the Bay Area wants to give free entry into some local races for Triabetes members. The club is set up as a national team with USAT and is organized regionally with team captains leading the various regions.

Check out the website for more info

Here’s a link to this weekend’s race at Wildflower Triathlon. Team Captain Sean McKendry did his first triathlon, the Wildflower Long Course, considered to be one of the most difficult half-Ironman distance events!

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