Wearing infusion set on thigs, - how do you cover it?

Oops, capitals again. Anyway...I am thinking about trying the sides and front of my thighs - new virgin real estate. I like my skinny jeans, and am thinking of using skin tac as well as some sort of covering so that movement of the jeans doesn't dislodge the et. Any good ideas as to what to use?

Hmmm I’m interested in replies to this as I’ve just finished experimenting with sets on (inner) thighs but actually I probably won’t persevere as insulin absorption wasn’t great, I’ve had my basals up by an extra 50% on average & should have put boluses up too. I used micropore tape last night (not sure US equivalent) as my set was sore and hanging off after a couple of days rubbing under leggings and tight jeans (I use low profile steel sets too!) and what with absorption issue, I’m back on abdominal sites again today.

Good luck - hope you find a way for this to work for you. Do you use low profile sets? I imagine it is more difficult and uncomfortable using thighs with the higher profile teflon 90 degree sets? Not sure about angled sets…

Tegaderm is good, I hear. It's what my CDE and endo recommend for sites under jeans. I don't use anything as my jeans aren't super tight, but every now and again I wish I did..

It might help to narrow down the suggestions folks offer if you mentioned ... or linked to ... the infusion set you use. This may give folks some visual idea about how likely it is for clothing to snag on your preferred infusion set while you are wearing one.

Of course, I probably completely unable to relate due to common gender dress conventions. I expect if I ever wore a pair of jeans which was cut as "skinny" as they can be for women, I would just say "It doesn't fit" and immediately take them off. Ah, social conventions.

But I expect the typical approach might be to go with some form of Tegaderm or IV3000 or possibly the Opsite Flexifix roll ... same things which folks suggest for overtaping CGM glucose sensors. I personally think the prices I've seen for IV3000 are absurd, so I would suggest one of the other two common options if possible if you're paying for this yourself.

Medtronic will send out an "adhesives kit" full of samples if (1) you use a Medtronic pump and/or glucose sensor, (2) you ask them "nice enough" (?) and (3) the kits are actually in stock to send out. IIRC, you don't use Medtronic but I thought perhaps the contents of the kit could be of interest to you.

The kit contains both a booklet of taping suggestions and some "samples". I don't know whether the booklet would actually be useful to you or not, but since it's super easy to include the link to the PDF, here it is:
Medtronic Tape Tips & Site Management booklet

Below I've included some pics showing what the sample kit contains for whatever use it may be.


Thanks, I use a T-Slim when in town (access to electricity for recharges) or a Ping when in the field. I use comfort sets or the contact-detach sets. Both are fairly low profile, and I am thinking the Tega Derm clear adhesives will work well. I like to see the set, and don't like a lot of the tapes because they often peel before the sets/sensors do!

Taping over the set should make it a lot less likely for clothing to snag on it. But I'm not quite sure how you would manage either disconnecting or taping over the tubing (or not).

I suppose you could (carefully) pull off (enough of) the tape to disconnect. But that could be both annoying & would run up the costs of the tape. Or I perhaps carry the pump into the shower with you?

Huh. I just never thought much about it before. I use the Medtronic Quick-sets and they seem to be both low profile & rounded enough to avoid snags without covering them with tape. But then I intentionally like my jeans loose so I have very limited empathy in this area. ;-)

It will be interesting to see where this discussion might go.


Okay, I admit I'm shallow! I'm gonna wear my skinny jeans as long as I can. Once I overhear someone say "she shouldn't be wearing those" I'll stop.

Anyway, since I use the contact detach, I am thinking of using the clear Tega Term over the business end of the set. I can easily tape the anchor/detch part of the set . I'll also have to remember not to be in such a hurry...

Okay, I admit I'm shallow!

In my, albeit very limited, experience the "shallow" is usually found in large concentrations outside of the jeans, not wearing them. But I don't get out much, so what the heck do I know? ;-)

Good luck with the tape.


Like "muffin tops? And I firmly believe that leggings are NOT pants! This is a fun hijacking!

I use Inset 30. I get tight underwear with long legs (longer than regular boxers if possible). I insert the set, then pull up the under wear. This puts a layer of cloth between the set and clothing. I use skin tack on the sets and have not had any problems with the sets coming off.


I love the TruSteel. I use Simpatch covers (available from Amazon). I use the infusion set patch for the “business” end of the set. And use the Libre cover for the anchor piece. I disconnect from the anchor, place the patch and then connect. Keeps things in place - even when I am “in a hurry” (those “gotta go, gotta go” moments)