In three days I’ll be heading to Vegas! Once we land we check into our hotel, maybe stop in to see the hubby’s parents but then right to bed because the next morning we’re driving a rental car to California to spend the day at Universal Studios, I can’t wait to go on The Simpsons ride! I’m a HUGE fan of the show so imagine my excitement when I first heard about it. Then the next day we’re going to the Griffith Observatory and to the Hollywood sidewalk of fame before driving back to Vegas. Two days later we drive out to Utah for the Shakespeare festival, I think we spend two days there then again it’s back to Vegas with the possibility of driving through the Zion national park. Then we have five days of doing whatever, I want to take the time to see a lot of things I didn’t get to on our last trip such as the Volcano because it was being repaired, the gondolas in the Venetian, and the lion and dolphin habitat in the Mirage. I would have liked to do the dolphin trainer for a day but it’s kind of expensive. I imagine I’ll have like a thousand and one pictures to upload once I get back, lol. We decided we’re going to see high risk ob-gyn when we get back for a pre-pregnancy consultation, looks like hubby wants two boys and a girl and I’m fine with that idea, I just find it amusing coming from the man who said one kid is one too many, lol.

sounds like a fun trip! enjoy!

Thanks, I shall enjoy it muchly! :slight_smile: