Vancouver island parents?

Currently we live in manitoba, but are thinking about moving to Vancouver Island (possibly in the fall). I have some family in Victoria, so we would likely move somewhere near to there. Our son is 5.5 years old and was diagnosed 14 months ago. I was wondering if there are other parents of type 1 children on the island and I was also wondering what your DER team is like there. We have an excellent team here in Manitoba, but unfortunately they are over 600kms from where we live. There are often events put on for type 1 families (bowling nights, info sessions, etc) but they are always in Winnipeg, so we can never attend. Are there ever events like this in Victoria or anywehre else on the island that you know of?


I don’t live in BC so can’t help you with the specifics there, but to respond to your pump denial comment, you will be interested in the following info source for BC.


yes, that is part of the reason we are thinking of moving… though I did find out that we would have to live there for at least 6 months before qualifying and we would hope to start pumping way sooner than that. Though if nothing works out before then, we could use that as an option. I guess they do that so ppl can’t vacation there for the summer, say they’ve moved there then ‘move’ back to their own province and keep the pump.