Vibe "events"?

I'm still trying to decide whether to upgrade to the Vibe or get the Dexcom as a separate unit (or both). I know on the Dexcom you can tag "events" like exercise and illness, etc. I think that these show up on the downloaded data (which the ones you put into the Ping meter don't), which I think would be REALLY helpful. I'm wondering if you can tag such events using the Vibe?

I don't know where you are located but the vibe isn't available in the States. Latest projection is 2015. I'm thinking of going with the minimed if my insurance will allow it before warranty is over. Then if I don't like it when the vibe finally does come out it will only cost me 99 dollars.

I'm in Canada - the Vibe/Dexcom just recently became available here.

Jen, this is a blogpost on that decision by a guy who lives in Newfoundland. He is a very active atheletes so some of his concerns might be different from yours.

When I was with Medtronic, I really liked having the CGM integrated into the pump. However, I wonder if the size of the Ping/Vibe screen will be a good replacement for the Dex receiver. I do look forward to having the chance to use the Vibe if/when it is released in the USA.

Thanks for the link. I read the article and commented, it was very helpful! I sent Animas an e-mail today asking about cost of Vibe versus Dexcom standalone and also asked if there's a possibility of seeing a Vibe (I live in a large city so hoping there will be). I agree that the screen size might be an issue; I also like the idea of having the Dexcom receive on my beside table where it can wake m if I'm low - I find the Ping vibrations (and definitely the sound) don't always wake me.

You can't tag events on the pump, and as far as I can see, unlike Medtronic's Carelink, Diasend won't allow you to add events.

TBH, with Carelink, I never used to bother anyway.


I have the Ping and Dexcom. For a while as I fell in love with my Dexcom, I was excited at the prospect of the Vibe. In my experience, the Dexcom is fatr more accurate than anything else out there, but still has some times when it is "off". I will probably stay with two separate devices. One thing, my Endo's office downloads my pump for data and I only want actual finger stick results for them to complain about (they think I am too well-managed and the Dex does give me some false low alerts.)

I just checked, no you can┬Ęt Jen. But I think you can do it on the web. We can anyway in Norway. Everyone has its own profile in the health system page. Where you can see all those things and regulate it. And write like "notes".

I also like the idea of having the Dexcom receive on my beside table where it can wake m if I'm low - I find the Ping vibrations (and definitely the sound) don't always wake me.

This is my thought, exactly. It's not important to everyone; some just like the hardware reduction. I want a kit that wakes me up at night. I like my standalone receiver. I've slept for many hours with an alarming Ping under the covers, muffled by bankets.

I live alone. I've also had some really low overnight lows in the past year (1.6, 1.7, etc.). So for me, having that protection would definitely be a big factor.

I really like the idea of having a waterproof pump, though, so that I could use it while swimming. But I like the idea of being able to log events with the Dexcom receiver.

I don't like the idea of the receive battery dying every nine months or whatever it is. That seems like a huge drawback to me.

So I think what I'll probably do is go with the Vibe initially, and see if I can save up for the standalone receiver. I wonder if I could use both for different purposes?

I did e-mail Animas last week and have yet to hear from them. Very surprising considering I was expressing interest in purchasing their product ... I'll probably call them this week, but I'm also in no hurry to purchase since I would have to save up.