Very happy to that the FDA has approved the Vibe. My Ping warranty is up in May and, as I also use the Dexcom, I am happy that I will have one fewer thing to carry (or forget to bring with me on a trip). I look forward to reading comments from those who are able to get it before I do.

I am actually out of warranty for a few days now. I called Animas to order the Vibe and they said that my insurance (Federal BC/BS) will not let you order a new one just because its out of warranty. There has to actually be something wrong with it. Thats fine with me but just found it interesting.

Was excited for the approval of the Vibe, but got the same reply from Animas as Mike W. I thought we could upgrade for a lower cost, but guess not. Anyway as I do research I think I just want to keep my G4 cause I love the readings it gives me. I have done a little research on the Vibe, and I do not think we get the same reports as the G4. Happy and thankful where I am.

I was going to order one yesterday (mine has been out of warantee for about a year and cracked, so insurance will cover it) until I found out that there is no remote control. If there is no remote I do not need it. That is the #1 reason I bought the Animas system in the beginning. Also after talking with the sales rep it really doesn't do that much (IMHO). All is does is send the BG to the pump, you still have to enter in all the bolus info into the pump and dose. Just to me not that exciting. Interested to know what others think...

its funny, for years i have seen people begging for this come out in the US. now that its out people seem to be shying away. I guess people get used to what they already have.

Granny, you realize you could use two receivers with the Dex, right? I cant imagine they would be getting different information.

These companies are working toward the artificial pancreas and putting the CGM and Pump in one (Minimed and Animas) is one step closer. No way they would drop the ball now. Just my $.02.

I’m in UK & on Vibe but not dex. People here using both think it’s great, but yes, you do still have to manually enter any boluses. Also, the lack of remote is big big bummer (I’m used to it as it’s the only pump I’ve had, occasionally frustrated with this aspect but actually really didn’t want other gadget to carry around & lose…tho on balance with 2+ years’ hindsight I would now opt for remote if I had the choice) when you’ve got used to using one.

As I’ll never be able to afford CGM I’d love a Ping, thank you very much!! Lol! Radio waves interfere with our military apparently.

I wonder how many of you guys will swap to Vibe and seriously lament the loss of pump remote…

Ron and Granny yes the separate G4 receiver is fine until you walk/work in the rain or fall in the water. The G4 receiver is not waterproof. The 2020/Ping/Vibe is/are therefore a Vibe would be a great option as you only have one item to carry and it will be water proof.
The remote I never used except as a BG meter. As a male I do not have a purse so carrying a pump, a receiver, a phone and the remote is out of the question.
Look at this Vibe as less clutter in your pockets or on your belt.
I will definitely get one when my BC/BC insurance allows it.
just my 2 cents worth

Upgrade WHILE your pump is still under warranty. It’s only $99. Unless your insurance covers 100%, it will likely be less than your out of pocket. You can call today and be all set to receive mid-January. And I had no wait time on the phone.

I wear both the G4, and the pump in my jean pockets. I am not around water to the point of getting it drenched. They need to invent a waterproof skin for the Dexcom, and probably already have.
I have never used the BG meter as a remote either, and don't even know where mine is. I have to go for the cheapest strips I can find. Insurance pays very little.
I knew some Ohlers in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Are you related to any of them?

Mike, no, I did not realize I could use two receivers. I have only had my G4 for about 3 months. I love it beyond anything else. Been doing this for over 50 years, and always looking to educate myself. Knowledge is Power. Thank you!

While true, this will not extend your warranty. So if you upgrade with 2 years left, you get 2 years on your Vibe. If you have 1 day, you get 1 day....

I just got my Ping in September and was considering making the upgrade, but the more I think about losing the remote control (which I use constantly) the more I think I'll just wait the next 4 years to upgrade when (hopefully) things are even more streamlined. I am not on CGM now, and know I can add one if I really want to. The expense is really hard for me to justify right now, though.

I know Medtronic is testing a combo sensor/infusion set in Europe and that sounds awesome. My hope is that by the time I'm ready for a new pump it'll all be integrated, with a remote control, and only one thing to attach to your body.....sigh. We can all dream.

Actually this initial cost to upgrade is $799.00. When animas receives your old pump, they will refund you $700.00. That refund may take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. I was all ready to upgrade and even lose the remote (which I use exclusively) until I found out the high price. I even offered to send my Ping back, with the $99.00, and go back on MDI for however long it takes Animas to get my current pump and get me the Vibe. Animas wouldn't have anything to do with that arrangement. I may just stay with my Ping and separate Dexcom for now. My pump was bought the last week in September.

I just started the Animas Ping last March. Prior to that, I had a Medtronic Pump. At first, I was really stoked about the Vibe coming out in the US and being able to get my Dexcom info on the Vibe. Also, the fact that I could upgrade for $99 was nice too. However, I really like my meter remote and quite honestly...I like having my Dex separate. I don't like messing with my clunky pump all the time. It's nice to have a small receiver that I can look at discretely without whipping out my pump, especially if it's concealed. Also, the Vibe really doesn't do much more than my Ping. I think I will keep my $99 and hope that Animas can come up with a new, more savvy, pump before my warranty ends in 2018. In a way, I feel bad for Animas. The fact that it took so long for this pump to hit the US market has really hurt them I think.

**Please feel free to visit my youtube channel. I vlog about being diagnosed with Type 1 as an adult, my Dexcom, undergoing surgery with an insulin pump and Dexcom, as well as some of the other auto-immune issues I am facing.

The rep I talked with at Animas last month about out of warranty replacement asked me if my screen was scratched or if the batteries on my old pump were wearing out faster than normal, telling me either of those conditions would qualify me for a new pump.

I used Medtronic pump and CGM for >8 years, switched to Dexcom and Animas Ping in November. Since I'm a guy, the pump remote is interesting, but too slow for me punching in carb amounts to be helpful. I did look up some exchange info with the food database once, also took awhile. So I am excited and will be happy when my Vibe is delivered mid-January 2015, I won't have to carry the the Dexcom receiver with me all the time, but I hope I can still use it at night! Dexcom receiver alarms are either louder than the Medtroic, or I think having it on my night table instead of under the blankets next to my body make the Dexcom louder for me.

I had not thought about the possibility of the upgrade costing less than my copay. My warranty is up in May and my insurance approves a new pump but this is certainly worth checking into. I am on the road weekly and one less thing to lose (especially in hotels and airports) sounds great.

I'm disgruntled on this because of the $799 out of pocket upgrade fee. When I ordered my Ping 2 years ago, the understanding was that it would be $99 for the upgrade. It turns out that you send them $799, and when they get your pump back, you get refunded $700.

On the phone they told me it takes about 2 weeks, but the form said "4 to 6 weeks for refund."

This brings me to the form. Why am I filling out a form that has information that they already have?

The whole upgrade experience has soured me on Animas.

(Getting my infusion sets from Tandem now...)

Agreed. They were all sunshine and roses two years ago on the upgrade, and now it's $800 I have to take out of savings (got rid of the credit cards).

I had a salesman call me due to my complaints about this policy, and he admitted that they didn't have the details when they sold me the pump 2 years ago, and well, take it or leave it.

I'm doing both: Taking the upgrade, and buying my infusion sets from Tandem.

Fred you are right on. The Dexcom receiver on the night stand is a blessing always wakes me up when going or getting low.
The vibration of the pump on my body doesn't always does that and I sleep thru low cartridge alarm from the Ping but never low or high alarm from the Dexcom so let's hope I can leave the receiver by my night stand when using the Vibe in the near future.