Vision problems, how does anybody use a pump and monitor?

My father is diabetic, but he’s blind in one eye and has bad vision in the other eye. Is there a talking pump and monitor out there?

Bruce , there is a Talking Monitor av. in Canada , called Oracle Talking Monitor ,
call 1-866-829-7926 …hope this works for you in the US ??
Safeway Canada was promoting the Monitor …buy 100 strips, free meter some time ago …

Thanks, but I was thinking more like the type of monitor they have called the dexcom 7 where it gives you a result every five minutes. But I will check out the meter you are talking about.

I should have realized , that 's what you were asking ( continuous glucose monitoring system ) …I cannot anwer your question …I googled and that did not help either . Maybe contacting the pump companies ? Hope you find an answer and share with us ?


Hey Bruce -

Contact the local commission for the blind office. There are several software programs that are available that actually read the meter results when the meter is plugged into the pc. I knew someone using this software and it had an name like Gorilla. It was provided to him by the commission for the blind. They can also assist with providing meters that do speak. I know that at least one of the meter companies has devised an auditory meter result.
best of luck on this…the commission for the blind is a great advocacy group and very successful!