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Now we’re in the finals, we need your help one last time.

If you’ve already voted for @tudiabetes (nominations received until last week are being counted as votes), there’s no need to vote again unless you want to update your reason. But you can help telling everyone you know to vote for us.

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Please vote for @tudiabetes and tell everyone you know on Twitter to do the same. We can win this award to continue to gain more visibility for the diabetes cause.

I did, I did, I did! It’s easy - please everyone - JUST DO IT!

C’mon people! This will only take a few moments of your time and shine a light on the BEST resource for info on Diabetes. They need some more votes so add yours today, tomorrow and again the day after.
You guys rock!

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Voted! Thanks to all the caring people who make TuDiabetes what it is. You all are truly life savers!