Waiting and Knowing

In our life time,
We all wait and wait,
Till we find that rhyme,
Soon as our fait.

I got the news at that time of day,
The diagnosis got bad,
At the hospital is where I had to stay,
I thought that’s all the time I had.

People don’t understand,
Even know they say they do,
Only diabetics can give their hand,
Regular people have no clue.

As the years go by,
I have gone through a stage,
When I started to deny,
I was there in a teen’s age.

I always asked why me,
Why did god point my way,
Then I could finally see,
In the moment of that day.

I looked up and said,
As I slept on my bed,
In my dream I sigh.

He looked down and replied,
Look as deep in your heart as you can,
I woke up that day with pride,
I found his plan.

Deep in my heart,
It said I was to help someone,
I became one in a part,
That day I begun.

As I met another diabetic,
We became great friends,
I have never met someone so energetic,
When I was down she offered her hand.

I got her life on track,
Her mom gave me an encouraging word,
She said “You gave me my daughter back”,
In a way that’s all I heard.

I finally know why I’m here,
Being a diabetic, my purpose,
To help people when their in fear,
Diabetics, well most of us.

What a great poem! It brought tears to my eyes. If we could all just remember that the big D is not a punishment but part of God’s plan.

Well if more people would think more positivly about it, I think that it would be easier on everyone.