Waiting for H1N1 to attack

Was informed by my husband this AM that one of the people we take care of in our place of employment has been diagnosed with H1N1. No infomation is being provided for staff to be proactive about the illness except that we will be able to use sick time but have to go to physician in order to return to work. Just wondering how it actually begins as my person is nov-verbal and can’t tell us how it began. Employer will not even permit me to work another unit knowing that I am at a greater risk for getting illnesses. Flu shots are not even being offered yet at work (the only reason to get one there is 'cause it’s free). Washing hands, cleaning with Clorox clean-up, changing clothes on the deck to keep it outside of the house, and showering before touching anything in my home. This AM was scary though because I have been breaking out in cold sweats and BS was 326 even before hubby came home. Stomach and bowels are affected as well as having one massive headache, but corrective bolus has come down to 113 in 90 minutes, so stomach and bowel afflictions are not related. Guess I’ll just have towait and see what transpires.

Hi Catherine, from what I read I think you are doing all you can to stay healthy, and that is all we can do… Maybe the person with H1N1 can wear a surgical mask to minimize the odds, but in general I agree with Dave, try to get the regular seasonal Flu shot to get that out of the way, and when available get the H1N1 shot.

Hopefully your defenses are up and you will not catch it. Stay positive! :slight_smile:

Catherine, I know this is easier said than done, believe me. But take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. You are doing the right things for yourself. I don’t know why employers are being such butt-heads about this, as the gov’t and CDC has sent out guidelines for almost a year now…but some are. So do what you have to to protect yourself and your family. If you get sick, stay home, if you have a fever, stay home. Follow the precautions and get the shots when they are available. Very few people have gotten them here, for now, as the health care workers are getting them first. But there is no need to make yourself sick over something that you may not get. Relax, my friend. Like I said, easy for me to say.

Good luck, Catherine. I worry about H1N1 too.

Agree with Dave & Mark. This has been played up unnecessarily with too much media frenzy & the pharm companies are making billions from the hype.

I was at CVS picking up insulin & they were 20 people waiting for flu shots. Pharmacist asked me if I wanted to get in-line for one–no way, but thanks. The flu shot hasn’t been proven effective & vaccines carry the risk of serious side-effects (I’ll pass on any more auto-immune dieases).

My room mate was Diagnosed with h1n1, I had no choice to keep my distance but you can only keep some much distance when you have a small apartment. I have been washing my hands often and use alcohol swabs on everything she touches.
I just got a recent flu shot but they do have the h1n1 shots here yet. Ill let you know what happens.
Its day 3 for her being sick and it seems like she is getting better.

Thank-you for letting us know. We are praying for your roommate and for you as well to keep healthy. We were sent a notice from the school yesterday confirming 3 cases at the Middle School where my son attends. The were kind enough to send a list of symptoms home so we can know what to watch for. Where I live, no H1N1 shots are available to anyone unless they are 6 months to 24 years old. It will be 14 more days until they open the window for compromised immune systems type people. After that window of 5 days, then it will be public. Our place of employment hasn’t received the annual shots yet for our residents and they’re not sure if or when the Govenor of PA will make them available. I even checked the Health Dept. and they have not yet received theirs yet either because of the delay in our state budget (officially signed 10-10-09). I will keep everyone updated.

This sounds like a sci-fi movie. They’re rationing the vaccines and people are waiting urgently for it to become available- by age, then by disability, then to the general public. These facts alone make it that much more scary. I would not be surprised if a riot broke out about this.

From what I’ve heard, H1N1 is just like the flu, but with more bowel movements. If you are experiencing signs, DON’T PANIC, but maybe set up an appointment with your doc to get checked out.

Also, when I get sick, my BG is elevated to the 300s or high 200s for about 3 days before the illness sets in. This is what I’ve learned from myself, tho, so you may know your body differently.

I do not plan on getting the H1N1 vaccine, nor the flu shot. I don’t trust it yet. H1N1 has only been confirmed in the USA since May. I know, because I was in San Diego CA (where the first cases were confirmed) on the same day the media broke the news. I’m fine. I also have never gotten the regular flu shot and have been sick the same number of times that I have always gotten sick- once per year.

Hopefully me talking about my luck in health is not going to jinx me for this coming flu season, but… I would say not to stress. I know that it’s scary, but… if you’re concerned, talk to your doc and make sure you tell him about all of your symptoms- including the number of bowel movements per day (if different than usual) and the consistency of the stool. Also keep track of your BG readings, and test double, if you can.

I’m not in panic mode, but this is an aggravating thing when the media blasts each and everyday how dangerous it is. When people are trying to be proactive and protect themselves with vaccines and the government refuses to permit them access to it, it is beyond frustrating. As for me and my family, we will only eat out if necessary and I will prepare all our meals at home. I even refuse to permit my son to buy his lunch at school or get drinks from the school. Everyone in the house showers at least once daily, laundry is done daily, exercise is a must for my husband and I, and everyone washes their hands before going to the refrigerator or sitting at the table. Prevention is the key in this house! As for my levels, I do go high 3-4 days before an illness strikes as well and when ill, my numbers usually crash as soon as the bug gets hold of my system. Checking BG is a key, not just for me, but for everyone in the house. If I’m running higher than normal, my husband will do the cooking to keep himself & the kid from getting whatever may be brewing. Thanks for being proactive by learning and teaching others about D.

My daughter brought it home this week, and now we all have it.

Truth is, it’s one of the easier flus I’ve had. The only reason it’s getting the press is because nobody has immunity to it - just the fact that all four of us got it should tell you something.

Because I’m diabetic, I did get a Tamiflu prescription and it’s really minimized the symptoms for me. I’m coughing a lot and can’t get my blood sugars much below 170 but it’s really not bad at all. I did my usual 5 mile run over lunch yesterday and am pretty sure I will today.

Honestly, no worries. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I too had it, got some Tamiflu right away, and no big deal! Some family members got the complication of Pneumonia along with it over a week after I had it, likely from someone else. That is rougher! They smoke. =(

Don’t feel bad. Dallas County has had 10 deaths since August and the health department just got in a shipment of vaccine - 700 doses! They are really slow getting it out. From all indications so far it is really not a problem unless you have some respiratory issues. Just pay attention to what your body is telling you, keep up with the good hygeine, and if you start to feel sick and are worried call your Dr.