My H1N1 VIP Status

Got my H1N1 vaccine the today. I have to say, it is one of the few “perks” diabetes has given me. I felt so special walking away from the clinic, all healthy and vaccinated. I just had to share, especially since a lot of the time I post because D is kicking my butt. But today it actually got me to the front of the line. I’ll take that, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Hope you all get your vaccine too!

Awesome- got both of mine a few weeks ago.

I really got a smug sense of satisfaction when I told them I was diabetic and therefore was one of those pesky “high-risk” folks. Hey, if diabetes can do one good thing for me a year…

I’m Glad that you felt Good about being on the “eilte list” Elizabeth. Strangely, I didn’t get the same feeling although I am a high risk.

My Hubby got Remembrance Day off, so after all the ceremonies we went to get our H1N1 shots. There was no line-up but many People were in the building waiting their turn or waiting for their loved ones.

I told the Nice Lady my conditions and she gave me a bracelet and told me to come back at 6:30 that evening. “Okay”. Then my Hubby told her that he was a Healthcare Worker. She told him to go directly to the room where the shots were being given out, to receive his. " WHAT?? Hey…". Hmmm. Suddenly I wasn’t feeling Very Special.

Anyways, things ran smoothly. I didn’t get any symptoms nor did the shot affect my blood sugars. My Hubby on the other hand said his arm was sore for several days. (Serves him right for going before me. :smiley: ) j/k He’s okay.

Good that you got yours Elizabeth.

Well, our media was telling the high risk groups to get out and get the H1N1. Although they mumbled something about the Healthcare Workers getting their shots also, they made them sound lower-key.

I wasn’t surprised that he was allowed to get his shot. I was just surprised that I(high risk) was asked to come back later. I Really didn’t mind. I had a Nice time talking to an elderly Lad who had to get the shot since he was the main Caregiver of his Wife who had multiply conditions. Don’t mind me,. I just say silly things sometimes to amuse myself. I do not like seeing anyone in pain either btw.

I totally understand why the Healthcare Workers should get their shot ASAP. I mean, if they go down, then we could ALL be in a BAD way. SARS comes to memory.

Dave …we are talking different countries as well …maybe we cannot compare US versa Canada ?’ s up to the powers to be , who gets to go first …to date our local Canadian radio states : enough H1N1 for all .

Interestingly …a local weekly paper owner complained about people getting the shot in a local shopping mall , visible to all …hubby pulled up his sleeve …was about the only client …it was darn convienent
( sp ?) as I was for my eye test at my specialist( who has her office in the mall ) …it reminds me of people not wanting to poke their finger in front…another story !

They said that the h1n1 shot was open to all in northern Utah if u want to go stand in line for hours at the local health dept. Yeah right. Heard some horror stories about side effects like feeling like u r sick but u r not sick. Side effects and I have one of those rare relationships that I get the rare ones rarely mentioned because they r rare and I have to go research them to find out.

All the research says it’s safe. For me, it’s worth the possibility of being a bit under the weather for a day if it means I am safe from getting the full-fledged illness later.

I did not get sick after getting the vaccine, btw. Fell completely fine!

Costco? The county fairgrounds?? Supermarkets?? For vaccinations?? Egads!

Nel, I’ve honestly never heard of vaccinations being given in a mall. They’re given in buildings with an extra meeting room, or a community centre or at Schools, clinics, Dr’s office, etc.

You People have totally gone wild. :smiley:

The People in Cali and Nel’s Province of B.C. evidently. =)

[shakes head]…and surrenders?? Okay then. =)

News about flu shots in the US, from

"Window of Opportunity

December 7, 2009

Good news came out of last Friday’s CDC briefing that H1N1 vaccine supplies continue to increase. Dr. Frieden announced that there is twice as much H1N1 vaccine available now than was available last month, and ten million more than was available the previous week. In addition, another 10 million doses will be made available this week – providing Americans with an excellent window of opportunity to get vaccinated. Today, there are more than 81 million doses of the 2009 H1N1 vaccine available.

Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and your family from influenza. As the supplies of vaccines are growing, we encourage people in priority populations to get vaccinated including kids who are historically under-vaccinated (about 1 out of every 5 school kids typically get vaccinated). Some states, such as Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Maine, are responding to this creatively by initiating school-based vaccination programs. The vaccination rate for kids in these states is as high as 50%, if not higher, in some places. This community response helps to protect kids and families, while building an infrastructure to respond to influenza outbreaks.

“Vaccination not only prevents severe illness, it also protects us from a disruption in society,” Dr. Frieden said. By reducing the number of people out of school and out of work due to influenza, the more productive we can be now and in the future.

The number of states with widespread H1N1 has declined, down to 25 states, yet there is still more activity than normal. It is uncertain whether there will be additional waves of influenza or what they will look like, but the CDC is monitoring the activity.

This uncertainty is why it is so critical that priority groups get vaccinated, particularly now when there are additional supplies of H1N1 vaccine available. Greater quantities of supplies mean greater access."

add church halls to the list :slight_smile:

Ha, I wish. Eric’s pediatrician had him at the top of the VIP list but by the time the vaccine showed up, he’d already come down with flu! He was on his third day of it when the nurse called with this note of triumph in her voice asking when I wanted to bring him in. She sounded so deflated when I told her it was too late. BUT he actually got less sick than his non-D brother did, probably because I’d already had him vaccinated with the seasonal flu shot and that offered a little protection.

Hey Terrie,

I know here in the province I live in (Quebec) - all healthcare workers and then pregnant Mums/children were the first ones to get H1N1 vaccine back in November. It does make sense for ALL healthcare to get the vaccine first, as they are the ones taking care of us. What hat use would they be if they come down with it, and then there is no one able to help those that are sick?

BTW, I got my H1N1 vaccine back in November in a school that is no longer used. They even have/had (not sure if it’s still open) at the Olympic Stadium (pretty awesome place to go to get your vaccine ). My hubby will hopefully get his sometime this week - as we just got back from a cruise - so some places may have closed now due to the panic being over (still many of my friends won’t get it).
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