Anyone planning on taking the H1N1 vaccine?

I am curcious to learn whether everyone is plannign on taking the H1N1 vaccine.

When it’s offered, if I can get it for free (usually can through work or doctor since we’re high-risk diabetics!), I’m absolutely going to take it. I work in Youth Ministry and am constantly in and out of schools. It’s the best place to pick up viruses and the worst place to have them. Never hurts to have the body built up against something else.

Since most of us are in decent control, I don’t see too much need just because were T1s.

Gonna get it anyway – my wife is pregnant and we already have a 2 year old.

I plan on getting it, I’ve already had my flu shot, just waiting til I can get the other in shot form.

I have been advised by the endo to get this flu shot…

I’m going to take the shot…My college age daughter recently had the “swine” flu…it was pretty nasty…I took a whole week off of work to take care of her…also.our whole family took the antiviral drug Tamiflu.during that time…she is doing fine now!Thank God!!!

took the regular flu shot, but I think I’ll miss the H1N1 vaccination. It’s to new. It’s a rushed product.IMO

I agree with Robin M. I think the H1N1 was produced too quickly and w/o enough research to know the true nature of all possible side effects. I know with all flu shots there is some chance of developing conditions like Guillain-Barre syndrome, but based on the cases that have developed thus far in the U.S., it seems a bit more frequent with the H1N1 vaccine. But, many of these cases also involve individuals who have compromised immune systems already or who have underlying complications (not that diabetes is necessarily a ‘complication’, but uncontrolled diabetes on top of other conditions might be a cause for concern). But that’s just my opinion as well…
Working in a field where I am in the hospital setting some, I may still get the H1N1 specific shot, but it’s not available to me yet so I’ve got some time to mill it over still…

H1N1 so far is a lot less dangerous than reglar flu based on the deaths to reported cases ratio. In additon its reported to be much milder than the flu.

The Media knows how to sensationalize though!!

I work in a technical college, and my students are starting to miss class from flu at an alarming rate. I had the “regular” flu injection last Saturday, and I will definitely get the H1N1 when it comes out. My college has distributed anti-bacterial wipes to all computer labs and classrooms so students can wipe down keyboards, tables, mice, etc. Unfortunately, something that kills bacteria does not kill viruses, so I question how effective the wipes will be.

Contrary to media hype, the H1N1 vaccine took approximately the same time to develop as the regular flu vaccine, so it was not “rushed” as much as newspeople would have you think. Manufacturers were originally rushing to see if they could get it into the regular flu injection, but when that deadline passed, they just took the normal amount of time to finish the vaccine since they knew it would have to be a separate injection.

My students (adults ages 18 - 60) who are out with H1N1 report that if you can avoid it, do so. The upper respiratory distress, high fevers, chills, body aches, in some cases lower GI problems and vomiting, all are things I want to miss. My office mate was out two days this week tending her ill 7-year-old who cannot break her 103 fever… and my office mate has a new baby at home!

Mark D is correct that the H1N1 does not have a high death rate, but what it leads to is what people really have to watch out for. A colleague who teaches microbiology told me that H1N1 easily morphs into pneumonia, and that is one of the main killers. I currently have one nursing student who has missed class for two weeks. Nursing students HATE to miss class, and she knew how to take care of herself, but she is now battling pneumonia and fighting for her life. Other students who were weakened by the virus now have mono.

So will I get the H1N1 flu vaccine when it is available in the next week or so? You bet! I have been exposed multiple times to the virus, so why shouldn’t I get something to try to protect myself?

Of course, the best thing we all can do is just what your mothers have been saying your whole life: wash your hands (often) and keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. Listen to Mom, my friends, and try to stay healthy!

We only got 1200 Vaccines for our whole town (9000) and they were giving them on a first come first serve basis, to ANYONE. So through waiting in line, we got the last nasal vaccine which my son did not qualify for as you all obviously know. However, I had my daughter (not T1D) get the nasal and then we all got h1n1 anyways. Even with the weakened virus passing from his sister he was still hospitalized from it.

My husband and I both got the H1N1 last Thursday. Other than a stiff arm for about 24 hours, we have had no side effects. We are both teachers and exposed to multiple cases of the flu, but neither of us has been ill this fall (knock on wood). I hope the vaccinations continue to work!